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Fun Yard Sale Facts

net yard sales THE EVOLUTION of the YARDSALE Shipping yards would sell unclaimed cargo and leftover warehouse items at a discounted price. These dock sales were then known as "rommage" sales." EARLY 1800s Rommage sales become known as the modern day "rummage" sale and move off the shipping docks and into the community in the form of charity bazaars in outdoor community spaces like churches. LATE BEST & COMPANY, 1800s ILIPUTIAN 315 Sixth Avenue, Ihet. ith and 30th Sts. BOYS', GIRLS' & MISSES NEW YORK. 1950s- 1960s The quintessential American yard sale is assumed to have started in the 50s or 60s, during the post WW2 period of rapid urban expansion when many people were moving to suburban houses with garages and yards. 1970s- 1990s People start using Yard sales continue to increase the internet to find and advertise in popularity as consumer goods become more affordable and people own more stuff. Newspaper classifieds and cardboard signs are the primary method of advertising sales. yard sales, in addition to YARD SALE advertising in the newspaper and using signage. 1990s- 2000s PRESENT The internet, mobile devices and geolocation/mapping tools make it easier than ever to find bargains at yard sales, even down to specific types of items. Highly specialized websites such as and offer powerful searching, filtering, and mapping tools. NATIONAL GARAGE SALE IDAYI IS ALWAYS August 2013 THE SECOND WEEKEND IN AUGUST 10 SACE US THE WORLD'S LONGEST 127 YARD SALE Bargains next 690 MILES The 127 Corridor Sale-an annual event held in August that spans 690 miles along Highway 127 from Michigan to Alabama. Thousands of sellers take part. 5 YARD SALE STATS 165,000 Estimated number of yard sales each week in the US Estimated number of people who purchase something at a yard sale each week 690,000 Estimated number of items sold at 4,967,500 O SOLD yard sales each week Estimated Total US $4,222,375 weekly revenue from yard sales Overall 25ยข 25c estimated $0.85 10c 25c price of a yard sale item5 FAMOUS YARD SALE FINDS BOUGHT: $45 | WORTH: $200,000,000 Rick Norsigian bought 65 peculiar glass plates at a Los Angeles warehouse salvage sale in 2000. The plates were later confirmed by a team of experts to be original photographic negatives taken by the famed nature photographer Ansel Adams, and appraised at as much as $200,000,000. BOUGHT: $5 WORTH: $130,000,000 In 2008, Tony Marohn bought a box full of old papers at a garage sale for $5 and discovered when he got home that inside contained a stock certificate for an oil company which was ALNER UNION BILIMPANY acquired by the Coca Cola company now worth 1.8 million shares of stock, which today would be worth $130,000,000." BOUGHT: $5 WORTH: $2,000,000 In 2012 a man bought a sketch at a Las Vegas yard sale that turned out to be an original Andy Warhol painting apprasied at $2,000,000." FIND AND ADVERTISE YARD SALES ON yard sales net SOURCES 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Fun Yard Sale Facts

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Check out these famous yards sale finds, read about the history of yard sales, the longest yard sale and yes, there is even a National Garage Sale Day!







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