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A Fourth of the Population Has Stolen From the Grocery Store

Grocery Habits:_deep dv. SodaHead Shopping. Stealing and Sampling a weekly infographic This infographic outlines the grocery shopping habits of the average American, based on a survey of more than 1,000 people. Stealing A fourth of people admit they've stolen from a grocery store, usually cheap consumable items. Over $100: 2% $50-$100: 1% $20-$50: 2% Under $20: 20% Never: 75% Votes: 1,061 Top Stolen Items 17% 5% 2% 2% 2% Food, candy or gum Alcohol or cigarettes Cards, books or Tech products magazines Cosmetics Votes: 1.022 Sampling More than a third admit they sneak samples before buying. 10% Al the time 26% Sometimes Never 64% Votes: 1,600 Returning Extra Change About three-quarters of respondents would return the extra change if a cashier made a mistake. Younger customers are less likely to give back the extra change. 96% 95% 89% 83% 77% 57% 62% 66% Overall 13-17 18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 Over 65 Votes: 1,568 Self-Checkout 69% Less than a third of people prefer to use self-checkout. 31% Regular Self Votes: 1,500 The average American buys groceries once a week at a traditional supermarket and prefers to pay by debit. Where? Supermarkets: 60% Mass merchandisers: 19% Warehouse stores: 6% Farmer's markets: 4% Mom-and-pop shops: 3% Online grocers: 1% Other: 7% Votes: 1.329 When? Once a month: 8% A couple of times a month: 24% Every day: 6% Once a week: 36% A few times a week: 26% Votes: 1.329 How? DEBIT CAR CREDIT CA 44% 25% 19% 5%4% 3% Debit Cash Credit Food stamps Check Other Votes: 1,371 Who Does the Shopping? Men said... Women said... 3% 4% 15% 33% 64% 81% THE WOMAN THE MAN THE KIDS Votes: 1.409 SodaHead, 2012 ( Results taken from on September 19, 2012. Vote, comment and share at SodaHead © 2012

A Fourth of the Population Has Stolen From the Grocery Store

shared by SodaHead on Sep 24
Unless you're particularly observant, you probably haven't spent a whole lot of time examining what other shoppers do when you're getting groceries. Most of us just want to get what we need and get ou...




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