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Fonts and Feelings: Psychology in Typography

Fonts & Feelings Psychology in Typography Arial Times TYPEFACE a group of characters, letters and numbers that share the same design Georgia Garamond Georgia Italic Georgia Bold Georgia Bold Italic aset width, size,and weight FONTS a specific style of typeface with LINE LENGTH The distance occupied by text that is present between the right and left margins in one line ΚΕΥ ELEMENTS OF TYPOGRAPHY The space between baselines, the lines upon which letters "sit" LEADING KERNING WAVELENGTH this is the white space between individual characters and many fonts come with a default kerning value to WAVELENGTH makethe space between letters look more natural TRACKING Tracking is used to adjust the space uniformly over a range of charac- ters to make the lines of type even also known as letter spacing, Tracking can affect the character density of the passage Tracking is used to adjust the space uniformly over a range of characters to make the lines of type even MAIN CATEGORIES OF FONTS & HOW THEY ARE PERCEIVED Expensive Warm Serif Fonts rgia Times New Roman Letters with short lines coming off the edges. Vlewed as more formal and traditional. Best sulted for print. Old Beautiful Cambria Book Antiqua Young Cool Sans-serif Fonts Bauhaus 93 Calibri Letters without serifs. Viewed as informal and playful. Best suited for digital. Rugged Cheap Trebuchet MS Verdana Rolaxed Script Fonts Feminine Delicate Mistral Palace Script MT Resembles handwriting and often used in formal invitations. Not ideal for body copy. Happy Edwardian Script ITC Vivaldi Ifalic Foreign Joy DECORATIVE FONTS Ravie Informal fonts viewed as original. Best suited for headlines but not body copy. Snap ITC Strong Solid Bold Slab Serif Fonts Museo A type that have strokes like those of sans faces but with solid, rectangular shoes stuck on the end. Bree Roboto Sharp Intelligent Modern Fonts Futura A type designers experimented with making their letterforms more geometric, sharp and virtuosic. Century Gothic Progressive Courier New Linked in POPULAR BRAND Sans Serif Professionalism FONTS AND THEIR MEANINGS Clean and Business-like Display Fun and Pleasing The Most Recognizable and Boldest Logo in the World Cadillac. Script Elegance and Sophistication Google IM hulu Serif Simple but Respectable Stability and Reliability Has a Calming Influence Modern Has a Progressive Edge that Captures the Attention of the Users rcm. a Sources find your online market

Fonts and Feelings: Psychology in Typography

shared by shanemarks3 on Aug 14
It is crucial to choose the right type of font to use for a website. A good choice of font can evoke the right emotions from the reader and gain the expected reaction from them. A good choice of font ...




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