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Flower Meanings By Color

FLOWER MEANINGS by Color Popular Flowers: Some of the most popular red flowers are roses, tulips, azaleas, day lilies, morning glories, hibiscus, peonies, mums, and geraniums. RED Popular Flowers: Some of the most popular orange flowers are gerbera daisies, butterfly weeds, Chinese lanterns, poppies, lilies, impatiens, and Mexican sunflowers. ORANGE MORNING GLORIES ROSE TULIP AZALEA HIBISCUS BUTTERFLY WEEDS LILIE GERBERA Meaning: Red flowers can symbolize many things, including love, confidence, beauty, courage, strength, and vitality. Who you should send them to: Red flowers make an ideal gift for loved ones on any holiday or special occasion. Red roses and red tulips, especially, are considered to be declarations of love. CHINESE LANTERNS POPPIES Who you should send them to: Orange flowers make an ideal gift during the fall months. They can be wonderful housewarming gifts and beautiful additions to offices; as their energy can help people to feel inspired. Meaning: Orange flowers symbolize warmth, enthusiasm, energy, and endurance. YELLOW Popular Flowers: Some of the most popular yellow flowers are daffodils, marigolds, sunflowers, golden rods, black-eyed Susans, and azaleas. Popular Flowers: MARIGOLD GREEN SUNFLOWER Some of the most popular green flowers are cymbidium orchids, spider chrysanthemums, carnations, and hydrangeas. Although some ) of these flowers are naturally green, others are dyed green by a florist. DAFFODILS BLACK-EYED SUSANS Meareny Who you should send them to: Yellow flowers can be gifted to people that you appreciate and anyone in need of cheering up. You can also give these flowers to someone in need of encouragement, or to celebrate a new beginning. Yellow flowers commonly symbolize friendship; yet, they can also represent happiness, joy, and new beginnings. "HYDRANGEAS CYMBIDIUM ORCHIDS CARNATIONS Who you should send them to:. Green flowers can be sent to someone who isn't feeling well, or who is recovering from an illness. They can also make beautiful additions to spring floral arrangements, since green is the color of a healthy Mother Nature. Meaning: BLUE Popular Flowers: Green flowers symbolize good fortune, well being, optimism, and good health. Some of the most popular blue flowers are lupines, salvias, morning glories, balloon flowers, poppies, grape hyacinths, ageratums, and cornflowers. CORNFLOWERS GRAPE HYACINTHS LUPINES Popular Flowers: LAVENDER BALLOON FLOWERS Some of the most popular lavender flowers are irises, calla lilies, lavender, and English lavender. SALVIA Meaning: Blue flowers symbolize serenity and peace. Who you should send them to: Blue flowers should be sent to someone you know who is worrisome. The flowers will calm their worries and diffuse their anxiousness, helping them find peace and clarity. CALLA IRIS LAVENDER PURPLE Popular Flowers: Some of the most popular purple flowers are violets, hydrangeas, orchids, magnolias, petunias, and columbines. Who you should send them to: Give lavender flowers to the person you know who is in need of some downtime. These flowers can help brighten their day while encouraging them to relax. Meaning: Lavender flowers represent many things, including elegance, grace, grown-up femininity, and preciousness. PETUNIAS COLUMBINES Popular Flowers: PINK Some of the most popular pink flowers are roses, cherry blossoms, bleeding hearts, cosmos, petunias, and foxgloves. VIOLETS BLEEDING HEARTS Who you ould send them to: Purple flowers can be sent to recent graduates to celebrate their accomplishments and encourage them to do well in the future. Meaning: Purple flowers can symbolize pride, dignity, mystery, SUccess, accomplishment, and royalty. COSMOS WHITE Popular Flowers: FOXGLOVES Some of the most popular white flowers are baby's breath, Queen Anne's Lace, orchids, magnolias, calla lilies, roses, and begonias. Who you should send them to: Pink flowers can be sent as a gesture of affection and Meaning: Pink flowers symbolize grace, joy, beauty, youth, gratitude, and appreciation. Pink roses, specifically, have different meanings depending on their shade of color; for example, light pink roses symbolize celebration, while dark pink roses symbolize thankfulness. romance, or as a one of appreciation. MAGNOLIA QUEEN ANNE'S LACE BABY'S BREATH BEGONIA Meaning: Who you should send them to: White flowers are often given as a gesture of respect and, occasionally, as a symbol of love. White flowers primarily symbolize purity and innocence. Although, they can also represent modesty and elegance. SOURCES: meaning-of-flower-colors.html flower-color-meanings-understanding-flower-symbolism colours-of-flowers.htm SPIDER CHRYSANTHEMUMS

Flower Meanings By Color

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Interesting and informative infographic all about the meanings behind the different colors of flowers.




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