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A Flowchart To Cure Procrastination

A FLOWCHART TO CURE 1. The action of delaying an intended target task while often engaging in an irrelevant task. Ferrari, J., Mason, C., & Hammer, C. (2006). Procrastination as a predictor of task perceptions: Examining delayed and Inon-delayed tasks across varied deadlines. Individual Differences Research, 4(1), 28-36. PROCRASTINATION' START HERE Do you have NO important work to do? YES NO Are you mindlessly scrolling through the never-ending Facebook/Twitter/9gag streams while reading this While you are Have you finished all your Are you doing them right now? reading this flowchart? Are you consciously just taking a break? GET BACK To WORK NOW. YES YES YES YES work? flowchart? NO YES NO NO NO YES, you procrastinator. Don't worry. There are really some lucky people who perform best under huge pressure. There's nothing wrong with it. Just make sure you don't go insane. CONGRATS! You have nothing to YES Are you getting too lazy and losing motivation? do! NO Do you have anything less important to do? Give your eyes and brain a 15 minute YES NO rest. You deserve it. Alright, you brave, BRAVE Stallion! Carry on, soldier! ..just kidding. AHA!!! Trick question. YES Are you checking your Are you running out of ideas? Relax. Empty your mind to make space for new creative ideas. NO NO NO emails? Do you think you Аге you deserve a break lying? YES Are you waiting for your deadline YES YES YES before YES continuing on? adrenaline rush to help you? *noogie* NO YES Are you feeling depressed and YES lonely? Have you been doing your best? Be honest. Pathological liar! >....... YES Have you proven yourself that Are you the adrenaline rush is the best Randomly re- reading them several times? YES Really? YES.... way to help you perform at your best? sure? NO NO NO NO YES So are kids in Africa. Now, WORK. NO You probably just need to get laid right about now. ок, eriously... or... Do you still have enough time to NO do that? Do you want to find a more calm way for getting things done? You're YES ..... NO Take 15 minutes to list hopeless. all your achievements. It will make you feel good knowing you've done some things that made you proud already. Do you have a NO Hope you feel better! .but we're YES best friend? not giving up on you. YES YES Do you plan to Are you afraid of YES run some NO your own YES errands today? projects? Take 15 minutes to NO think about changing your habits and start doing things little by Little instead of finishing everything all at once. Spend time with your best friend and get away from work for a while. Your best friend will always understand if you're stressed. Remember the little joys of life before getting back to work. Is the errand more important for your well- being as your future on NO this planet? Are you staring NO at the wall? YES You are sick. Some elements in this chart were included for comedic purposes. Relax. A SOCIAL EXPERIMENT Zrillen. 24 APRIL 2013 aalexisbrille rafannyms by Alexis Brille and Fanny Marcellina ALEXISBRILLE.COM

A Flowchart To Cure Procrastination

shared by Fannyms on Apr 24
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a light flowchart to read while procrastinating, and while on that hopefully motivate you to get going!


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