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Flattering cuts for Bridesmaids

flattering cuts for BRIDESMAIDS Your bridesmaids may have you and your big day in common, but what if their body shapes couldn't be more different? Don't panic- we've rounded up the dresses and style tips to suit all fashions and figures, to help you find their perfect fit for your big day. To begin, find out their body shapes with our quick guide, then choose the theme that matches your wedding style. The result? Your happy ending for bridesmaid style. APPLE PEAR HOURGLASS RECTANGLE Your bridesmaid is an apple if her figure is widest at the top, with a round stomach and She's a delicious pear if she's curey around the hips, bum and thighs, yet smaller up top. Hourglass ladies have hips and bust that are equally as wide, emphasised by a significantly smaller waist. Your bridesmaid is boyish, or a rectangle, if she's roughly the same width up and down the length of her body. broad shoulders she ll also, most likely, have fabulous legs. BEACH The blue undertones will suit cool complexions - natural blondes or brunettes with pale eyes, while offsetting the blue water and (hopefully) clear blue skies perfectly: THE HIGH WAIST WILL EMPHASISE THE BUST MAKING THIS DRESS IDEAL FOR PEARS WHO ARE SMALLER ON TOP. IT'LL ALSO HIDE LARGER TUMS, SO APPLES WILL FEEL THE BENEFIT TOO. A maxi dress will hide a pear's larger lower half and will allow short ladies to secretly boost their height with heels. Floor-sweeping maris create an elegant and dramatic look on tall ladies. A HIGH WAIST ALSO MAKES THE MOST OF LONGER LEGS, OR WILL LENGTHEN A BRIDESMAID WITH SHORTER LEGS. BEACH Sharp colours like royal blue are perfect for winter complexions- usually brunette with deeply coloured eyes. THE RIBBON TIE WILL ENHANCE AN HOURGLASS'S WAIST, CREATE CURVES FOR BOYISH SHAPES AND HELP PEARS BRING THEIR FIGURES INTO BALANCE. Wider straps are perfect for balancing out an apple's wider shoulders, while any shape with large boobs will benefit from any style that allows a fuller bre strap for extra support. CASTLE Grecian-inspired dresses with wrap and drape detailing are ideal for a lavish castle wedding in the country. THE MAXI LENGTH WILL LOOK DRAMATIC ON TALL BRIDES MAIDS - PERFECT FOR YOUR STATELY WEDDING - AND WILL ALLOW SHORTER BRIDESMAIDS TO DISCREETLY WEAR HEELS TO LOOK TALLER. Bold reds suit deep winter complerions (brunettes with deeply coloured eyes but it can also warm up light spring complerions golden or strawberry blonde hair with blue or A defined waist emphasises an hourglass figure, while the gathered side flattens an apple's stomach and creates needed volume around the hips for boyish figures. green eyes THE WRAP FRONT IS PERFECT FOR FLATTERING A LARGER BUST. CASTLE Beading, diamante and stud detailing create drama - ideal for a majestic wedding day. ASYMMETRIC DRAPING DRAWS THE EYE ACROSS THE BODY, SLIMMING DOWN THE WAIST OF HOURGLASSES, APPLES AND RECTANGLES. The maxi length will create a dramatic look for taller bridesmaids and will allow shorter bridesmaids pastel shades are ideal for cool summer complerions, usually natural blondes or brunettes with Pale, to discreetly wear heels to appear taller. pale eyes. WAIST DETAIL BEAUTIFULLY ENHANCES THE SMALLEST SECTION OF THE HOURGLASS FIGURE WHILE GIVING BOYISH FIGURES CURVES. COUNTRY Soft, subtle colours in simple flowing shapes are ideal for creating a whimsical country look that's big news for weddings this year. THE MAXI LENGTH WILL HIDE A PEAR'S LARGER BUM, THIGHS AND HIPS WHILE CREATING DRAMA FOR TALL LADIES. A drape front will disguise an apple's larger stomach. The high waist will lengthen legs - perfect for shorter bridesmaids THE EMPIRE WAISTLINE WILL DRAW ATTENTION UPWARDS, PERFECT FOR LADIES WITH SMALLER BOOBS. COUNTRY Floral lace pays homage to nature while soft, flowing fabrics create a fresh, feminine feel. SOFT TAUPE WILL FLATTER COOL, SUMMER COMPLEXIONS - NATURAL BLONDES OR BRUNETTES WITH PALE EYES BUT, THANKS TO THE SHADE'S WARM UNDERTONES, IT'LL LOOK FANTASTIC ON WARM AUTUMN COMPLEXIONS THAT OFTEN HAVE GINGER The subtle peplum-style detailing will make the most of the tiny waist on the hourglass while skimming a pear's larger hips. The skirt's chiffon overlay is ideal for boyish or rectangle ladies as it'll give the appearance of a soft, feminine figure, while its fullness will balance out an apple's larger top half. A BONED BODICE IS IDEAL FOR FLATTENING AN APPLE'S ROUNDER STOMACH. ROCK Black brings a rocky edge while delicate embellishment keeps the style feminine and perfect for a wedding. BLACK IS UNIVERSALLY FLATTERING IDEAL FOR ANY SKINTONE. A boat neckline is ideal for delivering volume to balance out The skirt's on-knee length will give apples the perfect chance to show off their fantastic legs. pears. THE GRADUATED EMBELLISHMENT WILL DRAW THE EYE UP THE BODY, PERFECT FOR LADIES WITH SMALLER BOOBS. ROCK Full-length dresses create edgy drama, while on-trend keyhole backs give a sophisticated show of skin. BLACK IS THE PERFECT MATCH FOR ANY COMPLEXION. The V-neck suits almost everyone, creating a long upper-body for apples while flattering larger boobs. A medium-drop neckline offers coverage for ladies with larger boobs while creating the illusion of more volume for smaller-chested bridesmaids. LADIES WITH SMALL BOOBS CAN ENJOY A SEXY, BUT STYLISH, ALTERNATIVE TO CLEAVAGE WITH A CUT-OUT BACK DETAIL. VINTAGE Dusky pink is perfect for the vintage look and will suit cool summer complexions typically blondes or brunettes with pale eyes. DRAPING DETAIL WILL DISGUISE LARGER TUMS PERFECT FOR RECTANGLES AND APPLE BODY SHAPES Empire lines are ideal for women with smaller boobs as it draws attention upwards. Knee length styles will show off an apple's great legs and will hide a pear's larger thighs. EMBELLISHMENTS AT THE WAIST WILL EMPHASISE AN HOURGLASS FIGURE. VINTAGE Golden shades evoke old-style glamour and vintage-inspired lurury. THE OPTION TO ADD STRAPS AKES A BANDEAU NECKLINE SUITABLE AND FLATTERING FOR BIGGER BOOBS TOO . SO HOURGLASS FIGURES ARE HAPPY! A flared A-line skirt will disguise a pear's larger thighs or bum, and will skim the wider hips of an hourglass. A skinny belt will create the impression of curves for a boyish figure, or enhance the boobs and bum balance of an hourglass figure. IDEAL FOR PEAR BODY SHAPES - A STRAPLESS BANDEAU NECKLINE IS IDEAL FOR SMALL TO MEDIUM BOOBS.

Flattering cuts for Bridesmaids

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