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Fixed vs. Growth Mindset How to shift to a Path of Learning & Growth FIXED GROWTH VS Fixed mindset is limiting Growth mindset is freedom Talents, abilities & intelligence is fixed, it's who we are Talents, abilities & intelligence can be developed through effort & practice Run from error, do not engage with it Engage deeply & process the error with a desire to correct the error with a desire to look smart Avoid challenges Embrace challenges Give up easily Persevere in the face of failures & setbacks Feel threatened by the Find inspiration in others success success of others Ignore negative feedback even though it may be highly relevant & useful Accept criticism as a way to learn Embrace novelty with a desire Avoid new experiences with fear of failure to master new skills Look for people who can reinforce their self esteem Look for people who challenge them to grow Focus on the outcome since they consider results as their identity Focus on the process & learning without worrying about the outcome Can lead to cheating & deception Leads to collaboration & innovation 5 Effective strategies to shift fixed mindset to a growth mindset Choose to tell yourself 1 a different story Set learning goals instead 3 of performance goals The first step to enable a growth mindset is to shift the language you use. Instead of telling yourself, • I am not good at it • I can't do it | FOREX TRAINING • I do not have the ability to learn • It's better to stick to what I know I give up because it's beyond me • I have fixed potential • This is frustrating | | Commit to learning everyday as opposed to • I am who I am seeking goals that prove your worth. Focusing • This is hard on the process as opposed to the outcome helps us look for small continuous improvements that Choose to say, add up over a period of time. • I can do better • I can do it Success doesn't come in a day. It's a result of • I want to try and not give up | years of hard work in which learning never ends. I want to explore new ideas • I believe in myself It's possible only if I try • It's ok to fail Capitalise on 4 your failures • I can learn from my mistakes I just don't know yet Failures teach us what success can't. Instead of running away from failures and giving up when faced with a setback, you can take Choose Goldilocks tasks for 2 continuous improvement advantage of your failures by reviewing them, identifying what did not work and then devising a plan to correct your mistakes. Be consistent 5 and flexible Be consistent in reflecting on your past behaviour by asking yourself some of these questions • How did you act last time If you try to climb a mountain without building physical strength, solve trigonometry without learning algebra and geometry, there's no way • Did you choose a fixed or a growth mindset • What made you choose one mindset over you can succeed. the other Is there a pattern in events that makes you Goldilocks tasks are activities that are neither adopt a fixed mindset • Why did you fail to recognise fixed mindset too easy nor too difficult, just a little over your current abilities. They provide a perfect in the moment opportunity to step outside your comfort zone without leading to anxiety. By asking yourself these questions on a regular basis and being flexible to learn from them, you can identify your fixed mindset trigger points and develop new strategies to By investing in Goldilocks tasks, you can set up a path for continuous improvement by slowly building upon your current abilities. adopt a growth mindset. Do not praise Establish vulnerability Provide them with intelligence. Their not as a sign of Goldilocks tasks just intelligence and current abilities cannot be a sign weakness, but a above their current powerful mechanism to realise their full potential abilities to enable them to of what they can and realise benefits of hard can't do. work and consistent effort How can you promote a growth mindset? Recognise and appreciate process, Do not engage in false Encourage them to make praise. Effort that leads to the right choice of words no progress should not be praised. Disappointment should lead to a burning e.g. shift from “I don't know" to "I don't know engagement, strategies, perseverance, effort and yet". Simply believing that they can do it will open up progress. These are strong indicators of their desire to learn and grow desire to do better. It should be a signal to try a their mind to seek different strategy solutions that did not seem possible earlier Source |

Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

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What you believe is what you achieve. Conscious or unconscious, how you choose to interpret your experiences can set the boundaries on what you can accomplish. There’s power in believing that you ...



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