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Facts about Islam

Facts About Islam ISLAM can be translated as "surrender or submission" to Allah He is not the founder of islam He is the last messenger not the single one It is how "Muhammad" written in arabic Al-Qur'an All the muslim follow the one and the same qur'an since 1400 years ago W Not a single word in the Qur'an has been changed It testifies previous holy books (Torah, Zabur and Injeel ) and as a complement of all of those Jihad doesn't mean "HOLY WAR". It means to strive and struggle in trying to submit their will to the will of Allah JIHAD It isn't a declaration of war ! It can refer to internal as well as external efforts to be a good Muslim or believer Muslims do not worship the black box (Ka'bah). It serves as a focal and unifying point among the Muslim people Ka'bah Mecca, Saudi Arabia 00 There are 78 % OF MUSLIM LIVE IN THE NON-ARAB COUNTRIES 1.57 billion muslims By @hilmanrdn N.B. Any good from this infographic is from Allah, the mistakes are my own. I took some words from Khalil Aleker and other various sites FEEL FREE TO SHARE

Facts about Islam

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I made a simple infographic about islam , specially the thing that some people missunderstood




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