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F & S: Infographics

Walk This Way: Making the right choices to reduce your water footprint =1 GALLON DIRECT USE: THE WATER THAT YOU ACTUALLY USE. =1 GALLON VIRTUAL USE: THE WATER THAT HELPED MAKE THE THINGS YOU USE. вс Rise & Shine Breakfast Lunch Dinner Cleaning Up Energy TOILET 6 gallons/flush LOW-FLOW TOILET 1.3 gallons/flush COFFEE 37 gallons SODA 16 02. BorTLE 33 gallons WATER 1402. GLASS .125 gallons BEEF ONE POUND 1,500 gallons BEER ONE PINT 20 gallons WASHING MACHINE 40 gallons NUCLEAR 255 gallons/day/ household WINE ONE GLASS CHICKEN ONE POUND WASHING MACHINE ENERGY STAR 22 gallons TEA 9 gallons 31 gallons 287 gallons ......... BREAD Two SLICES BAKED POTATO 7 gallons TOILET 6 gallons/flush LOW-FLOW TOILET 1.3 gallons/flush I1 gallons/slice CEREAL wi MILK 22 gallons .LETTUCE V. TOMATO 31 gallons ven. CARROTS EGGS Two oF THEM HAMBURGER 634 gallons SALAD ...... 36 gallonslegg SHOWER 10 MINUTES 3.8 gallons/minute LOW-FLOW SHOWER 10 MINOTES 2.3 gallons/minute DISH WASHING W/ENERGY STAR DISN WASHER DISH WASHING BY HAND 20 gallons SOLAR 24.5 gallonslday household 4 gallons APPLE 18 gallons ORANGE 13 gallons BATH NO BATH 35 gallons o gallons FAUCET I MINOTE 5 gallons/minute LOW-FLOW FAUCET I MINUTE 1.5 gallons/minute AMOUNT SAVED: 230.5 GALLONS TOTAL: 1573 GALLONS TOTAL- 318 GALLONS AMOUNT SAVED: 1,255 GALLONS TOTAL: 127 GALLONS TOTAL: 44 GALLONS AMOUNT SAVED: 83 GALLONS FAUCET I MINUTE 5 gallons/minute LOW-FLOW FAUCET MINT 1.5 gallons/minute TOTAL: 49 GALLONS TOTAL: 25.8 GALLONS AMOUNT SAVED: 23.2 GALLONS TOTAL: 667 GALLONS TOTAL: 31.125 GALLONS AMOUNT SAVED: 635.875 GALLONS TOTAL: 45 GALLONS TOTAL: 2.8 GALLONS TOTAL AMOUNT SAVED: 43.2 GALLONS SAVED: 2,270.75 GALLONS

F & S: Infographics

shared by rmmojado on Dec 28
The last example is informing ways to reduce the water footprint the use of water drop shape ion to reflect direct use the water that is actually use (blue) and the green water drop to reflect the vir...


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