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Exotic Materials: The Hallmark of William Henry

Exotic Materials =THE HALLMARK OF WILLIAM HENRY= FOSSIL MAMMOTH BONE Mammoth fossils have been discovered on every continent except Australia, South America and Antarctica. Modern humans coexisted with woolly mammoths during the Upper Paleolithic period when they entered Europe from Africa between 30,000 and 40,000 years ago. It may be possible to clone a Wooly Mammoth if scientists can extract DNA from a permafrosted specimen. The woolly mammoth is the next most depicted animal in Ice Age art after horses and bisons. NIN FOUND IN THESE PRODUCTS... Pocket Knives Pens FOSSIL MAMMOTH TOOTH Mammoth Tooth is one of the most exotic of our fossil materials – it is literally the cross-section cut from the molar tooth of a Woolly Mammoth. Some Mammoth Tusks could grow to be 15 -feet long. FOUND IN THESE PRODUCTS... Pocket Кnives Pens Money Clips Cufflinks FOSSIL CORAL Coral skeletons are major components of many living and fossil coral reefs such as the Great Barrier Reef that extends for 1,200 miles along the northeast coast of Australia. The oldest fossil coral Among the most notable fossil reefs are those in the Triassic of the Alps and the Devonian of western Canada. The latter is an important petroleum comes from the Ordovian period that occured over 450 million years ago. because of the porosity that Source trom reef buildinO. The fossil coral used in these items comes from the Florida lime pits and is over 100,000 years old. FOUND IN THESE PRODUCTS... Money Clips Çuff Links Poçket Knives Pens MOTHER OF PEARL Mother-of-pearl, or nacre, is the Iridescent substance that forms the linino of the shells The ancient Chinese believed that pearls were conceived in the brains of dragons. of some fresh-water and some salt-water mollusks. Among the chief sources are the pearl oyster, found in warm and tropical seas, chiefly in Asia; freshwater pearl mussels, which live in many rivers of the United States, Europe, and Asio; and the abalone of California, Japan, and other Pacific reglons. FOUND IN THESE PRODUCTS... Money clips Pocket Knives Cuff Links FOSSIL WALRUS IVORY Although most walrus ivory comes from their upper canines (tusks), vory of their other teeth is also used. Walrus tusks, commonly up to 1.5 m. long, are composed largely of dentine -- i.e. ivory. Recent DNA testing on walruses has found a relation to This ivory has been buried in the ground or left on beaches for years; contact with various materials has changed it from white to tan or any of a multitude of colors. early forms of bears. Ranging from 6,000 to 10,000 years old, this ivory is harvested in Alaska and Siberia and ranks among the rarest of all natural materials. FOUND IN THESE PRODUCTS... Cuff Links FOSSIL DINOSAUR BONE Dinosaur Bone is probably the most exotic of our fossil materials – the fossil comes from a 100 million year-old Apatosaurus. There are currenty over 1000 named dinosaur This permineralized material has a characteristic dark red grain, we resin-stabilize each piece and use an impact-resistant back- ing to protect the material during processing. species. Found and sourced in Utah, dinosaur bone offers the possibility of owning one of the most ancient zoological testaments of the planet. FOUND IN THESE PRODUCTS... Cuff Links Pocket Knives DAMASCUS STEEL The remarkable characteristics of Damascus steel became known to Europe when the Crusaders reached the Middle East, beginning in the 1 Ith century. They discovered that swords of this metal could split a feather in midair, yet retain their edge through many a battle with the Saracens. Many Samurai and Viking swords were made of Damascus Steel. The arms and armor section of most large museums display examples of Damascus steel weapons. The steel displays an. attractive surface pattern of swirling light etched into a nearly black background. FOUND IN THESE PRODUCTS... Pocket Knives Sources: http://www.encyclopedia.c alyoryhtml http://stoneplus.cst.cmich.e PA1098lpg- PA109&dq-fossilized+walrus+ivory+facts&source-bl&ots=1cOYGrMQi8&sig=7go1HosyFLW XKMXPŽfig4WNSw&hl=en&sa=X&ei-k4FRUZeaBtKfyASM2IGODQ&ved=OCFUQSAEwBjgk Ivuonepage&qufossilized20walrust620ivory%20facts&fufake tery-of-damascus-steel-appears-solved.html of-pearlaspx H William Henry Designed By: ENationalPositions Profitable Internet Marketing

Exotic Materials: The Hallmark of William Henry

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