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The Evolution of Time-Management Tools

The TEVOLUTION Since early history, humans have found countless means to measure and manage the dimension of time. Before clocks were invented, it was calculated by simply observing alternate periods of light and darkness. Today, smartphones' time-tracking ability has nearly eliminated the need for wristwatches. Throughout generations, time management has transformed from a pragmatic and fundamental need to track hours into a more proactive approach toward greater organization and efficiency. of Time-Management Tools Let's ex plore how far we've come. Tally Sticks MONDAY Calendars An ancient memory tool and counting device made from bones or wood, tally sticks are also the most basic method to The most popular Western calendars have been based off of sun and lunar astronomical cycles, as well as the rotation of the Earth on its axis. They are organized by year, month, and day. 22 measure the number of days. Sundials 1:30! Astronomical Clocks Sundials depend on the sun to cast a In addition to the time of day, astronomical clocks display astronomical details (e.g., relative position to the sun, major planets, and moon). shadow on a marked surface and at specific hour-lines. Time is determined by the position of the sun. Water Clocks Hourglasses Water either flows at a Material -from sand to constant rate into or drains out of a container with markings inside. The water level indicates the passage of time. powdered eggshell-trickles from one vertical bulb to another. The size of the hourglass and funnel opening determines the amount of time measured. Inverting it restarts the clock. Mechanical Clocks As the agrarian economy shifts into an economy that is more time dependent, mechanical clocks are popularized and work using gears, mainsprings, and pendulums. Wristwatches The wristwatch is initially developed for the military, as portability of timekeeping technology becomes more important. It is later brought to the public market, where both men and women embrace it. Task Lists <.. Punch Clocks One of the most manual ways to manage time, task lists consist of priorities you need to accomplish in a given amount of time. The most common form is the Employee timesheets are inserted into time clocks, which leave a time stamp on the cards to record how daily to-do list. many hours were worked. Stopwatches Atomic Clocks The handheld device is designed to start measuring time when the piece is activated and immediately stops as soon as it's deactivated. The most accurate timekeeping devices, atomic clocks use the electronic frequency of atoms. Most clocks today are calibrated to this standard. Quartz Clocks 4- and Watches 12 Digital Clocks and Wristwatches Electric-powered quartz crystals serve as the clock's oscillator, which moves the gears and keeps the time. These most-widely used devices are usually battery-powered. QUARTZ Digital clocks have numeric displays that indicate time on either a military time system or 12-hour AM/PM notation. They typically use an LCD, LED, or VFD display. 2:32 20 am Personal Organizers Typically containing a calendar, address book, and open pages of notes, daily organizers comprehensively map out someone's personal and professional schedule. Postcard Reminders Dentists and doctors send direct-mail postcards to their patients to remind them of upcoming appointments. PalmPilots 2:00 2:30 3:00 An old precursor to the smartphone and tablet, the PalmPilot and other mobile 3:30 4:00 FRIENDLY REMINDER 4:30 PDAS came and went as a 500 means to manage time and information. Email Alerts Smartphones From Microsoft Outlook to MEETING IN 15 MIN As cellphones are equipped with more time-management applications, people are discovering that their alarm clocks (and even watches) are becoming less necessary. the newest generation of Gmail, email providers have created a way for users to receive real-time reminders for upcoming meetings or appointments. DISMISS IZOONS SNOOZE Google Google Calendar Calendar Meing Month Appointmant Google Calendar allows users to share their personal or work schedules amongst other members in a group. The calendar is accessible from any location with Internet access Time-Tracking<- Apps Scheduler Apps facebook Where there were once punchclocks or manual timesheets, now exist Web-based applications to track an employee's work and project hours. Time •.. L Time Entry Request an Appointment Online scheduler apps, Name Project The Big Project embedded in social Emall networks, help small businesses manage Phone Tima 18 20 43 Anytime appointment confirmations and past-due reminders. of day Hours Minutes Seconds SOURCES: GETAPP.COM Demandforce'in Partnership with Column Five BRIGHTHUB.COM BOOKRAGS.COM FREELANCESWITCH.COM

The Evolution of Time-Management Tools

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Since early history, humans have found countless means to measure and manage the dimension of time. Before clocks were invented, it was calculated by dimly observing alternate periods of light and dar...


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