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Evolution of Men in Culture

THE EVOLUTION OF MEN IN CULTURE PROVIDING PARTNERING SQUARED Men will find ways to succeed in a world that's increasingly powered by women sensibilities. WINNING LEARNING ARCHETYPES ACCUMULATION EXPERIENCES SECURITY CONNECTIONS VEW YOR CITY FINDING YOURSELF PUBLISHING YOURSELF OCCUPATIONS PASSIONS JERRy MaGuiee DIVERSITY SUB-CULTURES BUILDERS REBELS PLAYBOYS CAPITALISTS FEELERS BALANCERS JOURNEYMEN As post-war breadwinners, men were forced into the role of stoic company man/suburban father. These are the men who Men were polarized between the conformity/heroism of the war and a cultural Typified by yuppie luxury and cutthroat capitalism, many men focused on success in Men got introspective, challenging themselves to be honest, responsible and embrace ethics and Men were forced to re- prioritize and seek balance. Authenticity, transparency and relationships became the values of success. Economic Men continued to bust Men are in transition. Success is stereotypes and focus on themselves as individuals. Everyone could be sexy, even the anti-heroes. Free less quantifiable and many realize that the journey is more important than the destination. They're focused on experiences and sharing them with others. Many realize they are the key to women's success while trying to find their own role and worth revolution of individualism. built America, had an impenetrable sense of masculinity, aspired to be greater than themselves and were modeled after the good guy / bad guy duality. The definition of masculinity changed to include viewpoints that could change the world without picking up a gun or commanding a corporate salary. Many men rebelled against the expectations of their fathers. love, casual sex and partying were cultural currency and gender lines were blurred. Men were exploring, experimenting, challenging norms and changing mainstream society. the way of accumulation and symbols of status. Hippies became business tycoons. A new brand of patriotism emerged, focused on external threats to our homeland (cold war). Meanwhile, young Xer's became branded as cynical slackers. community. Meanwhile, the swagger and attitude of the grunge movement, powered by the ultimate goal of finding yourself, promoted the POV that the judgement of others should not sway instability changed men's role. The values of teamwork, empathy and communication gave women an advantage in the workplace. Men are more multi-faceted than ever, beyond economic status. Being a good man has more definitions than ever. your beliefs. 1950's 1960's 1970's 1980's 1990's 2000's 2010's PIVOT POINTS PRICE REDUCED FORECLOSURE BANK OV GO THE PILL SUCCESS 46. Post war progress: Television, Interstate Highways, Air travel Vietnam War, Woodstock, Civil Rights movement, Kennedy assassination Women's movement, Gay pride, oil embargo, impeachment, Disco Gulf War, Grunge, Hip Hop, the Internet, boom, Columbine. Cold War, Economic Boom, .Com bubble burst, Just Say No, Human Genome project, AIDS. Mortgage Crisis, "Mancession", Power Women Recovery, Experiences, Social Media Terrorism and 9-11 INFLECTION POINT

Evolution of Men in Culture

shared by brmurphy on Feb 27
An advertising agency, 22squared, explores the changes in men since the dawn of broadcast advertising. It explores men's ideals by decades and shows where men are heading next. Full post here: http:...


22 Squared


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