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Everything You Need To Know About Finding The Perfect Running Shoe

RUNNING SHOES Everything you need to know about choosing the right running shoes 2015 Trends New colors, better performance, more technology included - here are the biggest trends for 2015! THE COLORS OF THE SEASON TECHNOLOGY TRENDS KNITTING TECHNIQUES: ONE UPPER PIECE less stitches, for streamlined comfort and overlays & Seams support BREATHABLE 4-WAY STRETCH MESH CARBON FIBRE SPRING ΜΑXΙΜAL CUSHIONING for flexibility and durable comfort for an added boost for protection and shock absorbtion BETTER PERFORMANCE WATER RESISTANCE ВЕТTER TRACTION REFLECTIVE FABRICS BETTER FIT for more improved for day to night wear for outdoor stability running Tips from the expert Dr. Matthias Marquardt is a running, health and motivation expert, author, a professional orator and owns a private sports medicine practice. When it comes to running - he's an expert! Take two Тop Tip! „Run with two shoe models parallel and interchange them regularily. This guarantees a good load balance and minimises injury. „When buying running shoes you have to make sure that at least one thumb fits between the toes and the front of the shoe. Because of the higher circulation the foot enlarges and slips more and more into the shoe with every step." Take two A good support „After you've found the right type of shoe, you have to consider comfort. Instead of running on a treadmill, because then the running style is often very unnatural, you should walk on natural ground and test the shoe on a longer route in the shop." "Testing if you need a pronation (support at the inside of the shoe) is helpful, especially for knock knees. They've previously been recommended too hastily, even if they were not ne- cessary and were sometimes counter- productive. Orthopedic surgeons, sports medics and running shops are happy to help.". Lacing techniques Running shoe problems can often easily be fixed with the right lacing technique! Problem: Your sneakers are pinching at the instep Tie the shoe normally with a criss cross. Then thread the shoelace only through the sides. pressure is then minimized at this side. The After the bruise, start tying with the criss cross again. Problem: The sides of your forefoot hurt Begin by threading the shoelace only through the sides. Doing this will mean the forefoot gets more space. From the midfoot onwards, start tying with a criss cross. Problem: Your Toes hurt / black toenails Tie the shoelace from the big toe to the top at the other side. The toecap will be lifted meaning the toes have more space. Thread the other side of the shoelace at each bottom diagonally and at the top parallel to the next hole. Tie up the shoe as usual. Problem: Heels slip out of your sneakers O Tie the shoes as usual until the second to last hole. 2 Then go straight up into the last one. Thread the shoelace through the loop onto the other side. 3 The ankle gets more support, but the whole shoe isn't too tight. Tie up the shoes as usual Problem: Your Midfoot slips back and forth inside Tie the trainer with the criss cross method until the middle of the foot. Thread the shoelace through the hole and then again back through the same way. Then thread the laces through each loop on the other side. The double lacing gives the midfoot more support. Start tying with the criss cross method again and tie as usual. CARE TIPS Your running shoes get more and more saturated by sweat, rain and dirt with every kilometer you run. You can keep them in the box- fresh condition with the right care. Untying shoelaces Smelly shoes We know how tempting it is to slip your shoes off after a long run but always untying your shoelaces before taking off means they won't stretch or lose their shape. To get rid of of bad smells, remove the insoles and sprinkle some baking soda in the sneakers (trust us!). Leave overnight and shake out in the morning. Alternatively, sprinkle some white wine vinegar inside the shoes and let them air dry. B Drying Extending the life After a rainy run or washing running shoes, stuff them with newspaper and let them air dry. Drying on central heating or in the dryer can damage the adhesive and stretch components of the shoe. To extend the life of running shoes, wear them solely for running, not for other sports, shopping or a night on the town. Wearing them for other purposes will wear them out quicker and means you'll have to fork out for a new pair sooner that you'd think. S. Content & Design STYLIGHT.COM.AU STYLIGHI

Everything You Need To Know About Finding The Perfect Running Shoe

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