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The environmental impact of the fast fashion industry

SANVT ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT OF THE FASHION INDUSTRY OVER-CONSUMPTION 24 Due to constantly changing trends, the production of new clothing has more than doubled in the past 15-20 years. 100B Fashion chains have increased their offerings from 2 50B collections per year to 5 or more (Zara released 24 2000 2019 Ø 2019 Zara collections per year). 2000 2014 40% in 2020, garments are only worn half as long as of the clothing in our wardrobe is rarely or they were in 2002. never worn. 60 Half of our clothing ends up in new items are bought each year. landfills in less than 3 years. (in Germany / consumer) WASTE OF RAW MATERIALS Chemical Fibers Natural Fibers polyester/nylon/elastane cotton/silk/wool 60 % 40 % 6 kg CO2 2 kg CO2 of all clothing is made from polyester. of all natural fabrics are made from cotton. Polyester is made from petroleum a - it is not Cotton is biodegradable, but needs a biodegradable and produces a lot of CO2. lot of water. In its cultivation, Thus the fashion industry generates more CO2 pesticides are often used. than the flight and maritime industry combined. %3D 11000 1kg liter 10 % 5 % 2/3) of cotton grown is genetically modified. flight- & maritime transport fashion industry WATER POLLUTION Chemical Fibers 100- synthetic clothes washing synthetic clothes microplastics in wastewater, oceans and rivers microplastics gets in our food and in the microplastics get into animals through food end also in our bodies 2,0 % GARBAGE 0,3 % 3,7 % 7,0 % 35,0 % 24,0 % 80 % just 28,0 % Plastic pellets Marine coatings Cosmetics of clothing is recycled into new clothing. of all clothing sold in the EU ends up on landfills. Road markings City dust Synthetic textiles Car tires Find the whole report and all sources at: *in billion garments

The environmental impact of the fast fashion industry

shared by benjamin_sanvt on Mar 25
Is fast fashion still one of the dirtiest industries in the world? We took a closer look at the various stages in the fashion production cycles to get to the truth about the environmental impact of fa...


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