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Energy Use per Hour

ENERGY IN AN HOUR Ever ponder how much our appliances and electronics impact our nation's energy needs? You might think 60 minutes is not much time, but when you add up the energy used by an entire country, it really does matter. Keep reading to find out just how much electricity things like refrígerators and televisions use in a single hour. Then perhaps you'll be inspired to turn unused appliances and electronics off - even if for only 60 minutes. 12 O REFRIGERATOR There are approximately 152,064,494 refrigerators in America. The average refrigerator consumes 0.14 kWh per hour. That means collectively, all American refrigerators consume 21,507,752 kWh of energy every hour. The amount of energy these refrigerators consume hourly is the same amount that could power about 22,970 homes for one month. A! = 22,970 11 31 TV The estimated number of TV households in the U.S. is 37,100 115.9 million for the 2010-2011 season. The average 21-inch color television uses approximately 21" 0.3 kWh per hour. That's a total of 34,770,000 kWh per hour nationwide. That means that turning off all of the TVs in America for one hour could save enough energy to power more than 37,100 homes for one month. 37,100 f OFF 31 COMPUTER 0.09 kWh per hour There are approximately 227,293,527 computers in the U.S. alone. The average computer and monitor consumes 0.09 kWh per hour O when in use. Which means allI U.S. computers combined consume 20,456,417 kWh per hour. The hourly amount of energy these computers consume is the same amount that more than 242,800 homes consume in one month. = 242,800 31 CLOTHES DRYER 61 millionus. households have electric clothes dryers. The average electric clothes dryer consumes 2.7 kWh per hour. Which is about 162,000,000 kWh per hour The amount of electricity these dryers consume in one hour is the same amount that can power about 173,000 homes for one month. = 173,000 31 Sources:

Energy Use per Hour

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Ever wonder how much energy is used by your different major appliances or electronics? Or how much energy all such appliances and electronics in the U.S. use? Here’s some info on that for four big o...


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