The Emotional Effects of Colour

THE EMOTIONAL EFFECTS OF COLOUR Pink? Blue? Purple? Green? We all have our favourites, but the meaning behind colours goes much deeper and strongly effects how we feel, think and act. So, when you are thinking about decorating your home, this infographic can help inspire you. THE UK'S FAVOURITE COLOURS The results below offer an interesting insight into the psychology of men and women and the different colours they like. Blue is the most popular; although women prefer warmer colours. * NONE OF THESE 2 DON'T KNOW 2% 1% 2% 1% 2% 2% 6% 3% 1% 6% 3% 27% 4% 5% 40% 5% 1% 10% 10% 13% 11% 7% 18% 21% COLOUR PSYCHOLOGY Colours have a strong impact on how we feel, influencing our mental and physical state. For this reason, always consider colour psychology when decorating your home. WARM COL NEUTRAL Cool colours are often Warm colours can spark a range of emotions from comfort and warmth to Neutral colours do what associated with feelings of peace and tranquility, as well as sadness. they say on the tin, and are great for anyone who likes to keep things simple. hostility and anger. RED The most emotionally intense colour, red stimulates a faster heartbeat, helping you feel energised. It is the colour of love, warmth and comfort, as well as anger. LOVE + WARMTH + ENERGY + ANGER + PASSION ORANGE A vibrant colour created from nature - the orange fruit. Orange symbolises energy, vitality, excitement, adventure and good health. VITALITY + EXCITEMENT + ADVENTURE + GOOD HEALTH YELLOW An attention-grabbing colour, known to enhance concentration. Yellow speeds up metabolism and stimulates nerves, arousing cheerfulness. ATTENTION-GRABBING + STIMULATING + CHEERFUL GREEN Thought to relieve stress and help heal, green symbolises health, growth, harmony, freshness and fertility. We often associate this colour with safety. HEALING + HEALTHY + FRESH + SAFE + BALANCE BLUE A symbolisation of loyalty, blue is commonly associated with depth and stability, it slows metabolism and is thought to suppress appetite. LOYAL + SOOTHING + STABLE + INTELLECT + CALMING PURPLE With a reputation for being mysterious, spiritual and imaginative, the colour purple symbolises royalty and wealth and represents wisdom and ambition. MYSTERY + SPIRITUAL + WISDOM + WEALTH + AMBITION PINK The most romantic colour - paler shades are relaxing and brighter shades stimulating - pink has a calming effect, thought to be joyful, creative and youthful. JOYFUL + CREATIVE + YOUTHFUL + ROMANTIC BROWN We feel safe and are comforted by the colour brown, as it represents the earth. Associated with strength, it can also evoke feelings of sadness and isolation. SAFETY + STRENGTH + SADNESS + ISOLATION BLACK The colour of authority and power. Popular in fashion - helping to make people look slimmer - black is associated with luxury, as well as control. AUTHORITY + LUXURY + EVIL + CONTROL + POWER WHITE Symbolising innocence and purity, many people find white serene. It portrays cleanliness, freshness and simplicity, as well as success. PURE + CLEAN + SIMPLE + INNOCENCE + SUCCESS DID YOU KNOW? Never underestimate the effect of colours. They can have a positive and negative impact on many aspects of our life, helping us make new friends and leave a lasting impression. ! SCARY COLOURS MAKING FRIENDS FORGETTABLE Chromophobia is the rare Black and white are seen as Wearing brighter colours can make you more popular and win you friends. the most forgettable colours, but monochrome is always popular. Add a splash of colour to monochromatic themes to stand out from irrational fear of colours. People suffering from this disorder will react strongly to certain shades or tones, whilst others will avoid them They help you make a better and more memorable first impression, so people can't forget about you. completely. the crowd. rawlins PAINTS & COATINGS Performance. Protection. Solutions. SOURCES / psychology html / https://d25d2506sfb94s.cloudfront net/cumulus_uploads/document/56jbufo9hr/InternalResults_150212_Colour_Website pdf

The Emotional Effects of Colour

shared by lucyhemingway on Mar 30
We live in a world full of colour and all have our favourites, but did you know colour has a much bigger impact on our lives than we may think. It can affect our mood, the way we think and even our c...


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