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Elements of Exclusivity

LEMENTS OF XCLUSIVITY Exclusivity should have more of a meaning than just a dollar value. The more people buy an item that is mass produced but expensive, the less ex- clusive it becomes. Some items are so exclusive you have to be on a waitlist to purchase them and sometimes have to pay up-front before you receive the item. Exclusivity should truly be about limited quantities and the use of rare materials or artistry that aren't available just anywhere. What makes something exclusive? PRODUCT A Product should be: Distinctive Exclusive HHard to Find BRANDING Branding and packaging is of essence in order to create exclusive products that aren’t perceived as substandard to brand names. DISTINCTIVE & ELOQUENT DESIGN Produces feelings of clarity and purity. GREENS AND BROWNS Evoke natural products made from fresh ingredients BLACKS AND GOLDS Suggest elegance Exo KOTIC MATERIALS The right material can bring exclusivity to any item. Try a material that is hard to come by such as: GOLD KOFTGARI NATURAL MATERIALS, MOTHER OF PEARL The common name for iridescent nacre, a blend of minerals that are se- creted by oysters and other mollusks and deposited inside their shells. The ancient and almost lost PRECIOUS METALS & Indian art of inlaying 24K gold in tool steel. GEMSTONES, & STATE-OF-THE-ART ALLOYS FOSSIL MAMMOTH TOOTH AND TUSK A rare and mesmerizing material, a living testimony of the dawn of Mankind. FOSSIL WALRUS IVORY Ranging from 8,000 to 10,000 years old, this ivory ranks among the rarest of all natural materials. FosSIL DINOSAUR BONE Dinosaur Bone is probably the most exotic of fossil materials available. “ Most luxury brands have become multinational chains that no longer offer something truly unique or rare. For many of these companies, exclusivity is defined predominantly by price and status, and not so much by originality or by the limited availability of their offerings." - Matt Conable, founder and creative engine of William Henry. Sources: (wH William Henry

Elements of Exclusivity

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What makes an accessory exclusive? Is it availability, craftsmanship or materials? Here is a visual guide to the elements of exclusivity.


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