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The Efficiency of You

THE EFFICIENCY OF YOU NEW STUDY REVEALS 80% OF AMERICANS WANT TO BE MORE EFFICIENT AMERICANS' AGE, GENDER AND ATTITUDE TOWARD TECHNOLOGY DEFINES THEIR ABILITY TO LIVE EFFICIENTLY, ACCORDING TO NEW DATA RELEASED BY CRUCIAL. The independent research was conducted by GMI Research and commissioned by Crucial to better understand how Americans view their personal level of productivity. A common thread in the research showed that people are highly dependent on technology when it comes to increasing their level of efficiency. TECHNOLOGICALLY TORN: In today's digital world, 87 PERCENT OF AMERICANS 63 PERCENT admit their efficiency is most affected when technology lets admit technology plays an important role in their productivity them down ONLY 37 PERCENT feel confident about fixing their computer should a problem arise Despite Americans knowing what they need to run efficiently, they fall short in understanding what will keep their technology just as productive. 75 PERCENT OF AMERICANS HAVE 'NO IDEA' WHAT COMPUTER MEMORY IS MEN VS. WOMEN: 67 PERCENT 90 PERCENT of men believe they of women believe they are more efficient are more efficient than women than men. 40 PERCENT of men said having a faster computer would make them more productive 60 PERCENT of women said getting more sleep would make them more productive GENERATIONAL DIVIDE Every generation thought baby boomers were the most efficient EXCEPT FOR MILLENNIALS, WHO THOUGHT THEY WERE THE MOST EFFICIENT. 78 PERCENT OF MILLENNIALS said technology is a very important factor when it comes to their level of productivity. MILLENNIAL PRODUCTIVITY PRECISION 10:00 12 10 62 PERCENT MEN AND WOMEN of Americans feel most productive during the morning (between 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.) AGREE THEY ARE MOST PRODUCTIVE AT 10:0O A.M. 90 PERCENT WINTER AND SUMMER of people agree fall is their most productive season ARE THE MOST UNPRODUCTIVE. HABITS OF THE HIGHLY EFFICIENT OF THE RESPONDENTS WHO IDENTIFIED THEMSELVES AS BEING HIGH LY EFFICIENT: NEARLY 75 PERCENT 44 PERCENT OF WOMEN 83 PERCENT have very organized email credited time management as feel tech helps people to be more inboxes their top reason for efficiency efficient in their lives Men credit their ability to use technology. In fact, men ranked having their gadgets/technology working properly more Important than exerclse. Since computers are used to do almost everything, improving your system's performance is one of the easiest ways to improve your performance. Find guaranteed compatible upgrades in 60 seconds or less on Methodology Research findings are based on a survey conducted in the US in April 2015, which polled 1,000 adults aged 18-65 about their tech aptitude. The survey was completed through GMI's Global Test Market double opted in panelists who have registered to participate in online surveys. Respondents who were invited to participate in this survey were split equally on gender. Differential sampling was done to account for response rate differences by demographics. Quotas were also set in the survey to ensure that over representation of the age and gender groups involved did not occur. crucial by Micron III ||

The Efficiency of You

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