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Effective Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

BATHROOM CLEANING HACKS FOR A PLACE WHERE YOU GO TO GET CLEAN, IT SEEMS AS IF NO ROOM IN THE HOUSE GETS MESSIER QUICKER THAN THE BATHROOM. GRIME AND MILDEW CAN SEEMINGLY POP UP OUT OF NOWHERE. SO WE'VE PUT TOGETHERA LIST OF AMAZING CLEANING HACKS THAT WILL GET YOUR BATHROOM LOOKING AND FEELING AS CLEAN AS YOU DO AFTER A 10-MINUTE SHOWER! SECRET INGREDIENTS NATION'S LEADING APARTMENT RESOURCE Throw away those noxious, chemical-filled cleaners. Here are some all-natural ways to get rid of the worst bathroom messes. {BLACK TEA} Brew a pot and use it to clean your mirror. {VINEGAR AND} {BAKING SODA} Let it sit in your toilet for 15 minutes and you'll have a completely clean bowl. {BABY OIL} VINEGAR Rub it on your faucets for a streak-free shine. {GRAPEFRUIT} {AND SALT} BABY OIL A pleasant-smelling way to get rid of soap {BAG OF} (VINEGAR) scum. Soak your shower head in it overnight to get rid of scaly buildup. OUTSIDE=THE-BOX ORGANIZER If your bathroom is totally unorganized, it might help to look at some other rooms. You can pull in stuff from all over the house to help create space around the sink. Remember! Though, that nail holes and screw holes may not make your property manager happy, so consider using some of the adhesive-based hooks and holders that have become popular. SPICE RACKS Arrange them next to the sink to create a holding place for hair care products, soap and moisturizers. MAGAZINE HOLDER Screw one to the back of your cabinet door and store your hair dryer in it. COAT HOOKS .1.1. They can also act as excellent towel hangers. TOILET PAPER HOOKS Ditch the spring loaded toilet paper holders and get one that's just a simple hook, it'll make loading roles a breeze, plus it will finally solve the whole under/over debate. (Just flip it over to the side you prefer!) MAGNETIC STRIPS Attach them to the bottom or top of your mirror and use them to hold tweezers, bobby pins and other metal objects. BOOKSHELF Hang one over the door for a place to store extra toilet paper and towel rolls. STACKED PLATE HOLDER Keep one on your sink and use it to hold bars of soap, hand towels and other miscellaneous objects. THE DRAIN MUTINY AWIRE HANGER A clogged-up sink or shower can make any bathroom look and feel like Make a hook and send it down the drain to pull out nasty gunk. (But maybe check with your building supervisor first!) a disaster area. Here are a few simple ways to keep those pipes cleaN and open. BAKING SODA AND VINEGAR VINEGAR Mix them, watch them fizz and send them down your sink. X BOILING-WATER An even simpler solution for your drain! If you can put a kettle on, you can turn plain old water into a clog-obliterating drain buster! No extra ingredients needed! SOURCE: NATION'S LEADING APARTMENT RESOURCE

Effective Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

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Cleaning the bathroom is definitely a task none of us truly enjoys, but its really important for keeping our home healthy. Want to save time cleaning the bathroom? Check out these amazing bathroom cle...



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