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Drinking Socially

DRINKING SOCIALY Ik GMR The occasions, perceptions, and identities we associate with drinking UNWIND AFTER A HARD DAY DRINKING OCCASIONS QUIET TIME WITH SIGNIFICANT OTHER FEW FRIENDS GATHERED AT HOME ATTENDINGA PARTY OUT ON THE TOWN 45% 33% 23% 36% 17% 23% 28% 37% 29% 23% 31% 17% 21% 24% 36% 24% 21% 30% 16% 19% 23% 23% 21% 16% 20% 16% 19% 11% 22% 17% 14% 16% 14% 11% 11% MACRO BEER WINE FLAVORED MALT BEVERAGE MICRO BEER VODKA WHISKEY TEQUILA 49% 33% 22% 22% 17% 17% 13% most prequent drink of choice least prequent drink of choice DRINKING PERCEPTIONS How drinkers view other drinkers DOES THIS DRINK MAKE ME LOOK... MACRO BEER WINE FLAVORED MALT VODKA BEVERAGE drinkers drinkers drinkers drinkers ARE LAID BACK ARE ARE SOCIAL ARE LAID BACK TRADITIONAL FUN TRADITIONAL FUN FUN TRADITIONAL HIGH ENERGY AREN'T AREN'T AREN'T AREN'T TRADITIONAL RISK TAKERS RISK TAKERS TREND SETTERS TREND SETTERS RISK TAKERS MICRO BEER WHISKEY TEQUILA drinkers drinkers drinkers ARE ARE ARE LAID BACK KERS RISK TAKERS FUN HIGH ENERGY FUN TRADITIONAL TREND SETTERS AREN'T AREN'T AREN'T SOCIAL TREND SETTERS RELAXED TRADITIONAL HIGH ENERGY DRINKING IDENTITIES Each drink pills a niche among social beverages. KNOW YOUR NICHE. THE UNWINDERS MACRO BEER MICRO BEER WINE Influencers At 64%, RECOMMENDATION Taste and For intimate social situations, when conversation The standard FROM A FRIEND is the most common go-to beverage when relaxation trumps ingredients rule. No matter the occasion, micro drinkers drink micro. way for consumers to discover a new drink. matters most. appearances. THE GO-TO AFICIONADO THE CLASSIC THE PARTIERS VODKA WHISKEY FLAVORED MALT BEVERAGE TEQUILA well-suited for small gatherings and parties at home, you rarely see FMBS out on the town. An extrovert's drink: high energy, shared with friends, adventure ensues. Tried and true, Clear intentions: dial it up, get loud, get social. whiskey drinkers drink for whiskey's sake, not the setting. THE LOYALIST THE PARTIER THE ENERGIZER THE SOCIALIZER GMR engage us @ GMR PROPRIETARY RESEARCH AUGUST 2012.

Drinking Socially

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GMR has a long history of executing within the nightlife scene: 30 years, 12 alcohol brands, 137,000 on-premise events, not to mention sampling and brand engagement at off-premise fairs and festiva...


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