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Drink like the Irish

Drink like the Irish Ireland vs. Uu.S.A 80% Of 18+ in Ireland drink 66% Of 18+ in U.S. drink Irish Imperial Pint 22oz U.S. Pint 16oz What to Drink Guinness Magners Jameson Beer Cider Whiskey The unique roasted character of Guinness is attributed to the Though known as Bulmer's in Ireland, Magners is identical in taste and production as it's homeland predecessor. The To be a true Irish whiskey, the product must be produced in Ireland, aged for a minimum of roasted barley, giving it that distinctive ruby red (not black!) color and chocolatey, coffee finish. The creamy head on every pint is due to the nitrogen added during the packaging company still uses the same cider presses used 50 years ago, producing the consistent flavor we've come to love. 3 years in wooden barrels, and traditionally distilled 3 times. Blended whiskeys, like Jameson, are made from whiskey from multiple distillations as opposed to a single distillation, or single malt whiskey. process. THE "TWO PART POUR" APPLE OR PEAR MAKE A COFFEE-TINI with Jameson 45° In America, Magners Cider is available in Original Apple or Tilt the glass to a 45-degree angle and fill until three quarters full. This process takes approximately 119.5 seconds to complete. Ingredients 2x shot glasses 25 ml of Jameson Irish Whiskey 15 ml espresso coffee 10 ml Kahlua 5 ml sugar syrup Pear. The following are flavors by Bulmer's only available in the UK: Method Original Apple Pear Berry Golden Draught Dry Pear Pear and Ginger Spiced Apple and Honey Spiced Apple and Rhubarb Pour 25 ml Jameson into a shot glass Pour the rest of the ingredients into a Boston glass and shake with ice Fine-strain into a second shot glass Place the glass on the bar or counter and let the Guinness settle completely. Fill the glass to just above the rim once it has settled. Home vs. Bar On St. Patrick's Day, consumers expect to spend around $38, which translates to 14 PARTY AT HOME pints when drinking at home and only 8 pints when at a bar. GO TO A BAR 30% $4.50 How Will You Spend Your St. Patrick's Day? Say they'll go to bar/restaurant Avg price of pint at bar 17% $1.73 Say they'll go to private party Avg price of 6 pack of Guinness $10.38 Drink Responsibly nerd wallet,, PHPSESSID=76bOeda3b1a48cdbfdc3ff01173bd68f week.aspx 1212.pdf

Drink like the Irish

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While it’s easier to throw on a little green and hit the bars, a NerdWallet study finds that those pursuing a few pints on St. Patty’s day can save 55% on beer by hosting a private party instead o...


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