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Dreams & Plants Cycle Phases

DREAMS LIFE CYCLE PHASES PIHJJ9 MODEL Empe by Cper! AIRPLANE PHASE ONE PHASE TWO PHASE THREE PHASE FOUR PHASE FIVE Planting the Seed Roots and The Sprout Stems and Leaves Flowers and Fruit Scattering the Seeds When a seed starts to grow, we A seed contains everything Flowers originally developed as a way to attract insects for pollination. Many flowers depend upon the wind to scatter The plant begins to grow roots and begins to sprout leaves and say it germtinates. There is a baby plant inside the seed. The seed's growing conditions usually need to be damp, warm, and dark, like springtime soil. All plants have stems. The main stem holds up the plant and carries water throughout the plant. Secondary stems grow out from the main stem. Leaves grow pollen. Plants would not be able out of the secondary stems. necessary to produce a new plant. When a seed leaves the a stem. Roots are an essential part of the plant life-cycle. Without the roots, there would fruit or flower we call it dissemination. Some of these be no way for the plant to absorb water and get it up to the leaves. seeds end up in the soil and to produce seeds and make new plants if it weren't for insect helpers. grow into new plants. PLANT Follow us: To find out more interesting articles and infographics, visit: CHALLENGE concept and Design:

Dreams & Plants Cycle Phases

shared by sergioabadias on Mar 13
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Dreams & Plants life cycle phases. A very funny infographic about growing plants and personal goals. Enjoy it!


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