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Douku: For Musician

DOUKU FOR MUSICIAN 000 Now, Everyone Can Share. Category of apps used in the past 30 days. RESEARCH 61% Games 52% 55% Wheater 39% 50% Maps/Navigation/Search 30% 49% Social Networking 32% 42% Music 36% 36% News 24% 33% Entertainment 22% Smartphone 28% Feature Phone Banking/Finance 15% Easy Account Registration. SIGN-UP or g DOUKU E VE Ls 1w f E DOUK Log in with f or g here Usermare Foooword Log in Net a member yet? Sgr up here. Search, Play and FEATURES Download. 12:38 17:38 Play Play Download LSLLI: AC/DC PLAYLIST > CHOCSFYOUR SCG 12:38 Play Download Chore/ab Re k lr Ka:k You Can Upload Your Own Photos, Chords and Songs! SPEACIAL 12:38 Profile Abraham Lincoln "I wes the 16th President of the United States, serving from March 1861 until | had assassination in April 1865. I led the Urited States through its greatest constitutional, military, and moral crises-the American Cvil War-preserving the Un on, abolishing slavery, strengthening the national government and modernizing the economy." UPLOAD YOUR SONG UPLOAD YOUR CHORD UPLOAD YOUR PHOTO PLAYLIST CHOOSE YOUR SONG ACDC - Ain't No Fun (Covered ny Ahranam Lincolr) AC/DC - Anything Goes (Covered by Abraham Lincoln) AC/DC - Back In Black (Covered by Abraham Lincoln) AC/DC - Big Balls (Covered by Abraham Lincoln) AC/DC - Big Gun (Covered by Abraham Lincoln) AC/DC - Big Jack (Covered by Abraham Lincoln) AC/DC - Elack Ice (Covered by Abraham Lincoln) AC/DC - C.O.D. ICovered by Abraham Lincoln AC/DC -Car I Sit Next To You Grl (Covered by Abraham Lincoln) AC/DC - Crabsody In Blue (Covered by Abraham Lincoln) AC/DC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (Ccvered by Abraham Lincoln) AC/DC Down Paymert Blues (Covered by Abraham Lincolni AC/DC Hion To HellCovored by Abraham Lincola 12:38 Photos Phcto's): Like(s): 350 88,990,523 Fhctoshoot for my movie. LOL Vampire hunting with my buddy. - Postod de You Also Can Connect and SOCIALS Share with Your Friends. 12:38 Socials >> Frierd(st: Follewer(s): 1,999 921,113 Search Play Download Record Chat Share So, how about it? Do you agree and love my idea? 000

Douku: For Musician

shared by apendstifler on Nov 12
Just an idea for a new application for smartphones. Suitable for IOS, Android and Windows. Connect with me:




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