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Don’t Be a Dumbbell - Good Gym Etiquette

DON'T BE A DUMBBELL GOOD GYM ETİQUETTE SWEATY BETTY We all sweat, it's natural. What's not natural, is sitting in a pool of somebody else's bodily fluids. Wipe up after yourself. онн GET A ROOM Keep the grunting to a minimum. It's awkward. Keep those sorts of noises to the confines of your bedroom please. OINK OINK Г'м NOT MOVING DON'T be a machine-hog. If you can see that the gym is busy, and you're on one of only two machines, be considerate to those around you. ZIP IT! Nobody likes small talk. Seriously, nobody does. #FLEXIN' #GymTweets #BEASTMODE "Just @ the gym. 3rd time this week! #HENCH #IWorkOut #NoPainNoGain". No need to document it - just get on with it! KaraNOke A good gym playlist really helps with motivation, but please refrain from Singing & DJ'ing to the entire gym. Always wear headphones. LA YOU'RE SO VAIN IN Unless you're heading to a party afterwards and want to look like a clown, avoid wearing a full face of make-up during your workout. DON'T LOOK NOW! Sometimes, it's best to just avoid eye-contact. Especially with the girl on the awkward thigh-toning machine. THE BARE CHEEK Changing room etiquette: Hide your junk and save your grooming for at home. Get showered and get dressed. CENSORED I'M OUT OF HERE! DUMBbell Re-rack weights for those extra gains! Your mum isn't with you. Tidy up after yourself. MOVE IT MOVE IT No piece of equipment is your personal resting ground. Get up and allow others to work inbetween your sets. DECĪBEL +Train harder faster louder+ y @TrainDecibel f АНИ АНу

Don’t Be a Dumbbell - Good Gym Etiquette

shared by Aptitude on Dec 22
Whether you are new to the gym-scene or have been a regular for a number of years, you should be aware of the gym etiquette code, right? Why? Because there is NOTHING worse than sitting in a pile of...


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