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Do It Yourself Superhero Costumes

WE LOVE COLORS D.IV. SUPERHERO A COSTUME GUIDE TO LOOKING SUPER THIS HALLOWEEN Superheroes are more than just characters in comic books. They are ideals, golden standards for us to respect and admire. They are something for men and women to strive to be like, and you can emulate your favorite superhero by dressing up like them this Halloween! ITEMS NEEDED: BLACK RIDING BOOTS SUPERMAN STENCIL BLUE UNITARD POLYESTER (RED, 3 YRDS.) VINYL FABRIC (VELLOW) FOAMIES CRAFT FOAM SCISSORS & HOT GLUE RED BRIEFS BELT PLATIOP STEAM--SEAM SUPERMAN PLASTI-DIP (RED) COAT HANGER WIRE STEAM SEAM STEPS: THE "S" THE CAPE THE TRUNKS THE BOOTS 1. Cut the cape so it goes from your shoulders to the middle of your calves. 1. Cut a strip of yellow vinyl in the shape of your belt and glue it onto your belt. 1. Use the stencil to cut the 1. Take the black rubber Foamies material into the riding boots and apply red Plasti-Dip to them. This will give them that shiny look. "S" symbol. 2. Steam Seam the top and bottom of the cape. On the bottom, leave space for the coat hanger wire to fit through. 2. Paint the Foamies with 2. Wear the belt backward so that the cape hides the buckle. the red Plasti-Dip. 3. Cut the yellow vinyl in the shape of the shield, and glue it to the back of the red S. • Put on all the individual parts. Even though you won't be faster than a 3. Make slits in the under- wear to fit the belt through. 3. Insert the wire, and shape This will give the trunks the bottom of the cape to give it that "blowing in the speeding bullet, or more powerful than a locomotive, you'll look just like the Last Son of Krypton. support. 4. Glue the complete piece to the chest portion of your wind" look. blue unitard. ITEMS NEEDED: RED BUSTIERI TUBE TOP BLUE SHORTSI MINI-SKIRT RED BOOTS GOLD BRACELETS GOLDEN PLASTIC TIARA GOLDEN BELT DUCT TAPE(RED, GOLD, WHITE) ROPE(FOR LASSO) SKIN TONED TIGHTS WONDER WOMAN STEPS: • Wear skin toned tights if looking 1. Purchase a tight fitting and glossy/ shiny red bustier or tube top. 6. Cut stars out of red duct tape and place them on the bracelets and for a more modest style! headband to get the iconic Wonder 2. Use gold duct tape to create the Wonder Woman emblem on the top front edge of the bustier. 4. Use white duct tape to add a deco- rative trimming to the top, and along the front, of your red boots. Woman look. • Put on all the individual parts and look 5. Find a gold belt, or paint one gold. • Use gold duct tape to give the buckle area more shine. 3. Decorate blue shorts or blue mini-skirt with stars. as stunning as DC's main maiden! • Use either premade white stars that can be ironed on, or cut them out of white fabric and glue them on to the shorts/skirt. ITEMS NEEDED: GRAY LONG SLEEVE LEOTARD GRAY TIGHTS BLACK PLASTIC HEADBAND BLACK CARDBOARD BLACK FELT YELLOW FELT POLYESTER (BLACK,5 YRDS.) ELASTIC ноT GLUE BATMAN CHARCOAL BOY CUT SHORTS CHARCOAL ELBOW GLOVES STEPS: THE BAT LOGO THE BAT CAPE THE BAT MASK THE BAT EARS 1. Use a Bat Mask template from the Internet and print 1. Cut two ears (pointy and similar to cat ears) out of black cardboard. 1. Cut an oval out of the 1. Lay down on the polyes- ter and mark where your yellow felt. knees and wrists rest on it out. 2. Cut the bat logo out of the black polyester. the polyester. 2. Trace the template onto 2. Glue the two ears to the 2. Cut a curved jagged line connecting each knee mark with its respective the black cardboard. black plastic headband. 3. Glue the logo onto the yellow felt. 3. Cut out the mask and tie wrist mark. the elastic into each hole. • Put on all the individual 4. After crafting the logo glue the entire piece onto parts and go from being a boring citizen to being the Dark Knight. 3. Cut a downward point the black t-shirt. that connects each knee mark. ITEMS NEEDED: BLACK TURTLENECK SHINY BLACK LEGGINGS BLACK LEATHER GLOVES BLACK HIGH HEELS BLACK HEADBAND BLACK CAT EVE SUNGLASSES BLACK CARDBOARD LEATHER JACKET BLACK WHIP CATWOMAN RED LIPSTICK GLUE STEPS: 2. Incorporate this headband with the rest of the ensemble. Apply red lipstick to your lips. • You will be strutting like the feline vixen in no time! This is a simple, yet iconic, outfit 1. Cut two cat ears out of the black cardboard, and attach them to the black headband. to make! ITEMS NEEDED: BROWN LEATHER JACKET WHITE CREW NECK T-SHIRT RUGGED BLUE JEANS X-BELT BUCKLE BLACK LEATHER GLOVES BOOTS SILVER WOLVERINE CLAW OUTLINE SILVER SPRAY PAINT FACIAL HAIR WOLVERINE CARDBOARD GLUE PENCIL STEPS: THE CLAWS 4. Glue the claws to the black leather gloves. Glue them in between each set of knuckles. 1. Trace the shape of the claws on the cardboard with your pencil. Three claws for each hand, so six traces total. Each should be roughly 10 inches long. • Put on the gloves with the rest of the materials, grow out awesome side burns (if possible), and you'll look just like 2. Cut out the claws. the X-Men icon. 3. Spray paint the claws silver. • Use gold duct tape to give the buckle area more shine. We Love Colors" TM

Do It Yourself Superhero Costumes

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Superheroes are more than just characters in comic books.They are ideals, golden standards for us to respect and admire. Emulate your favorite superhero by dressing up like them this Halloween!




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