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Diwali - festival of lights

D-WALI OCTOBER 23, 2014 3rd DIWALI Derived from a Sanskrit word Deepawali, which means row of liqghts It is the third most Approximately 15% of the people are celebrating it globally popularly celebrated festival across the world after Christmas and Eid Diwali usually falls in the middle of October to November. THE ACTUAL DATE DEPENDS OCT ON THE LUNISOLAR – NOV HINDU'S NEW YEAR DAYS BEGINNING IN DIWALI IS CELEBRATED OVER A PERIOD OF LATE ASHWIN AND ENDING IN EARLY KARTIK. Start -Ends- Ashvin Month Early Kartika comes in comes in Krishna paksha Shukla paksha (Dark Fortnight) (Bright Fortnight) THE FIRST DAY OF THE NEW YEAR (According to Hindu Calendar) A.D + 57YRS = HINDU CALENDAR Current year according to Gregorian calendar: 2014 Current year according to Hindu calendar: 2071 DIWALI IS CELEBRATED OFFICIALLY AS A MAJOR FESTIVAL IN 11 COUNTRIES Nepal Trịnidad & Tobago Myanmar India Malaysia Guyana Suriname Sri Lanka Singapore Fiji - DIWALI'S SIGNIFICANCE IN . VARIOUS RELIGIONS Hinduism Jainism Sikhism ...... SIGNIFIES THE TRIUMPH SIGNIFIES THE ATTAINMENT SIGNIFIES FREEDOM OF GOOD OVER EVIL OF LIBERATION (MOKSHA) The sixth Guru, Guru Vanquishing of the demon king Ravana by lord Ram. Mahavira on this day delivered his final Hargobind Sahib was released from the capture of emperor Jahangir and returned to the Golden Temple. teaching and attained moksha or nirvana. DIWALI S A FIVE DAY FESTIVAL Day 5 25th October 2014 Day 3 Day 1 23nd October Day 4 21st October 2014 24th October 2014 2014 Day 2 22nd October BHAIDUJ 2014 It is also referred to as Sisters' DIWALI Seen as Festival of Lights. GOVARDHAN Day. It upholds and celebrates the special bond between brother and sisters. DHANTERAS Day accorded for wealth & Prosperity. The return of Lord Rama PUJA from his exile, following his victory against the demon King Ravana. Seen as the birth of Dhanvantari The day signifies the defeat of Indra by Lord Krishna, and the act of saving his kinsmen and cattle from rains and floods by the lifting up the physician of the Gods. KAALICHAUDUS Prayers are held to ward off evil. The demon Narakasure was of the Goverdhana hill. killed by Lord Krishna. RITUAL People Believe that 'Lakshmi-Pachayatan' enters the universe on Diwali. The return of lord Ram to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile. The return of five pandav brothers to Hastinapur after 12 years of exile The rising up of Goddess Lakshmi from the Oceans ONE FESTIVAL SO MANY REASONS The death of the evil Narakasura at Lord Vishnu defeated the hands of Lord Krishna King Mahabali REASON FOR WORSHIPING MANY GODS Vishnu Lord Happiness and satisfaction Lord Wealth Kubera Lakshmi Saraswat Wealth Prosperity Lord Indra Gajendre Knowledge Opulence/ |Magnificence Carries wealth and prosperity Creative Director : Mohit Lakhmani Art Director : Moses Itodo Agada Data Journalist : Jennifer Selvaraj Agency : MGL Infographics Mobile : +91 9540705769 Skype : mohit.lahmanil Email : [email protected] MIGL INFOGRAPHIC source ....0......0.. ......•..... ....0.. Goddess Goddess

Diwali - festival of lights

shared by mohitlakhmani on Oct 16
This infographic represents the festival of lights – Diwali. It is an ancient Hindu festival which is celebrated at a global in autumn every year. This infographics enumerates the significance of th...




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