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The Diamond Buying Guide

THE ULTIMATE DIAMOND BUYING GUIDE To avoid any awkward pauses when you pop the question, ensure you are buying the right diamond for your future partner with the help of the information below. THE CARAT Carat is the term used to determine the weight of a diamond. A carat can be divided into points, where one point is equal to 0.01 carats. It is important not to confuse carat weight with size, as the cut and shape of a stone can also alter the carat weight. Carat Weight 0.25 0.50 1.00 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00 4.00 5.00 10mm 5mm Omm Diameter mm 4.1 5.2 6.5 7.4 8.2 8.8 9.4 10,4 11.2 THE COLOUR Diamond colour is graded according to the GIA colour scale, from D to Z. D is rated the most colourless, and therefore the most sought after and costly. D-F G-H J-K K-Z Colourless Near Colourless Tinted THE CLARITY The size of the impurities and imperfections determine the clarity grading of a diamond. During the formation process of any diamond, imperfections in the crystal structure can form and mineral impurities become trapped inside the stone. Eye-Clean Non Eye-Clean Flawlęss / Internally Very Very Slightly Flawless (FL / IF) Included (VVS1 / VVS2) Very Şlightly Included (VS1 / VS2) Slightly Included (Sií / S12) Included (11/ 12 / 13) THE CUT As the only characteristic not influenced by nature, the cut is open to mistakes and bad practices. The cut determines the light dispersion of the diamond, which has the greatest influence on the overall appearance and sparkle. Poor Fair Excellent / V Good THE CERTIFICATION Also known as a diamond grading report, diamond dossier or a diamond quality document. This report is created by gemologists who evaluate the characteristics, value and identity of the diamond, which is confirmed within the certificate. AGS EGL USA GIA IŠI THE CONTOUR The contour of a diamond is essentially the shape of the diamond. It is also dictated by the ratio, which is the length divided by the width measurement. The bigger the ratio, the longer and thinner the diamond shape. Length : Width = Length to width ratio 1.50 Ratio 1.20 Ratio 1.50 Length Oval Round Pear Marquise 1.00 Width THE COST You don't need to get the highest quality diamond to get something that is of equal beauty. The price will vary depending on the quantity of diamonds in the market, the source of the diamond and where it was manufactured. Remember, you are buying something that is a great vessel of value, which can be passed along for many generations. 77 DIAMONDS LONDON

The Diamond Buying Guide

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Avoid any awkward pauses when you pop the question - Ensure you're buying the right diamond for your future partner with the help of the information below.




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