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Designers by Coast

EAST COAST vs. WEST COAST: Designers You've heard of the East Coast/West Coast rap conflict, but what about East Coast and West Coast designers? The rivalry runs deeper than you may know. Look at the differences by interest, style, concentration, education, pay scale and more, then pick a side. STEREOTYPEOGRAPHY WEST COAST EAST COAST Typical Work Schedule: 11:30 am to 10:00 pm Typical Work Schedule: 6:00 am to 4:00 pm Design Education: Mostly self-taught with help from friends and a few classes at a local agency Musical Preference: Emo-Punk, Techno, Lady Gaga Drink of Choice: Education: Private 2 year graphic/web design school Local microbrew OPKA Work Attire: Worn jeans, graphic tee w/ cardigan, flip-flops, bed head MUR Drink of Choice: Dirty martini, extra dry, 3 olives Musical Preference: Alternative Rock, Reggae, Punk, Electronica Work Attire: Clean pressed designer jeans, sport jacket, Italian shoes, clean/gelled hair Weekend Activities: Online gaming, frolf (frisbee golf), blogging Weekend Activities: Visiting art gallery openings, watching independent films, blogging Favorite Pet: Medium sized energetic dogs (golden retriever, boxer, lab, etc.) Favorite Pet: Cat Living Situation: Studio apartment lined with modern art in the Living Situation: Lives in basement meat packing district Designer Muse: Their motive to design is drawn from a long term immersion into the artistic community and strong desire to express one's self-proclaimed artistic prowess through modern media, aka web design Designer Muse: Motivation behind web apartment, quite possibly his/her parents' basement design stems from a proximity to and fascination with technology and tech communities,, as well as an extreme desire to work on their own schedule FOR EXAMPLE Two artists in the Top 5 Most Influential Designers (as determined by Graphic Design USA magazine) WEST COAST David Carson ThE CROW RAY GUN AANLAEANOR - Designer of Typeface for "The Crow" (and much more) - Although Carson has lived and worked in NYC too, he attended college and developed his style in California - Art director for several prominent magazines like Surfer, Beach Culture and Ray Gun - Has designed ads for surf brand Quiksilver - What's more West Coast than surf culture, really? GUSVANSAN BSTIEBOY BJORK TOACHARACH RENSTILLA LARRYCLAR BECK SONICYOUTH EAST COAST IV NY Milton Glaser Designer of thel <3 NY Logo (and much more) "You can only work with people you DYLAN like" is an in-your-face attitude one might expect from an East Coast designer. "If you have a choice never have a job" sounds a little West Coast, though! - He's also the founder of New York Magazine, a seriously cultured look at the seriously cultured city - Having taught at NYC's School of Visual Art for half a century, Glaser has undoubtedly had a lasting effect on hundreds or thousands of designers coming out of the NY area BASICS OF GRAPHIC DESIGN FIELD |13% employment Median hourly wage Median annual wage A growth estimated between 2008 and 2018 $20.92 $43,500 about average { for all industries TOP GRADUATE DESIGN SCHOOLS West Coast: East Coast: Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) Ranked #8 by US News Graduate Students: 524 Ranked #1 by US News Graduate Students: 431 Estimated annual cost of attendance (tuition and fees only): Estimated annual cost of attendance (tuition and fees only): $37,684 $39,777 TOP 10 US CITIES FOR DESIGNERS AND ARTISTS #10 Seattle, WA #5 Salt Lake City, UT #7 Oklahoma City, OK #3 Bridgeport, CT #32 Newark, NJ #9 Washington, DC Metropolitan Area #8 Raleigh-Cary Metropolitan Area, NC #6 Los Angeles, CA #1 Austin TX #4 San Antonio, TX STATES/DISTRICTS WITH HIGHEST CONCENTRATION OF GRAPHIC DESIGNERS State Employment per thousand jobs District of Columbia New York Vermont Minnesota Utah 2.34 2.27 2.06 2.01 1.92 STATES/DISTRICTS THAT PAY THE BEST District of Columbia $66,020 New York $57,510 California $57,240 Connecticut $57,040 Maryland $52,920 GRAPHIC DESIGNERS ASIDE WHO'S MOST ARTSY ON THEIR OWN TIME? Percent of adults who did something artsy in the past year 33% 50% PRESENTED BY Mighty Deals SOURCES: http://calarts.e http: //

Designers by Coast

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A showdown of designers and their lifestyles, East Coast vs West Coast.


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