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Deceitful Aisles: Navigating Supermarket Spending Traps

THE DECEITFUL AISLES Marketing is all around us. While some campaigns are shamelessly direct, others are much more subtle, barely noticeable to the naked eye. At the supermarket, these obvious tactics and secret tricks perfectly synchronize to make most shoppers defenseless against excess spending. Here we reveal the popular traps most grocery stores set to catch the green in your wallet. ••• HOW TO NAVIGATE SUPERMARKET SPENDING TRAPS •• THE 411 ON SUPERMARKETS MUSIC: Studies have shown that music can affect your purchasing habits. Slow music makes you take your time and spend more money, while classical music encourages you to buy more expensive items. WEDNESDAY BULK SALES: These deals are just ploys to get you to spend more. If you see a "10 for $10" sign, you're likely to buy 30-100 percent more than you normally would. SHELF PLACEMENT: More ILK MILI Did you know the average Don't like crowded expensive items are placed at eye shopper ends up tossing 12 percent of what they buy? avoid wasting products and supermarkets? Go on a Wednesday; it's the least STORE LAYOUT: The dairy level. For example, brand-name department and other crowded day of the week. 10 cereals are typically placed on essentials are usually in the MILK MILK MILK MILK MILK MILK MILK MILI money, make a list of items you need and stick to it. middle shelves, while healthier back of supermarkets. This options are at the top and cheaper makes you walk through the cereals are at the bottom. entire store to get what Оцрол you need. AILK MILK MILKM.IKNMIMUKULA EYE CANDY: Candy and other treats are purposely placed at children's eye level, causing plenty of temper tantrums (that can only be cured with a purchase). SHOPPING CART: This handy invention, designed in 1938, encourages you to buy CHECKOUT Use coupons. Check store or manufacturers' coupons ahead of time to save major To stay healthy, shop the perimeter of the supermarket. Fresh fruit and veggies as well as bucks. Many are available more. How convenient! online or via mobile to make other healthier options coupon use easier than ever! can usually be found outside the aisles. BAKEO GOODS FHoral SAMPLE STATIONS: These CHECKOUT: This is the most profitable area of freebies are only there to get FLOWERS UP FRONT: The floral STRATEGICALLY PLACED BAKERY: Supermarkets the supermarket. Glossy magazines and shiny you to buy something you deparment is also placed near the place the bakery department near the entrance, candy bars entice you to throw a last-minute 4 wouldn't otherwise. front to give you a nice whiff as hoping the smell of baked goods will activate your item or two into your cart. you enter the store. salivary glands and entice you to buy. COUPON CABIN.COM SOURCES: RD.COM |.BUSINESSINSIDER.COM | GMA.YAHOO.COM

Deceitful Aisles: Navigating Supermarket Spending Traps

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Learn the tricks that supermarkets use to get you to spend more - and how to avoid them.



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