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The Data Behind Why Generation Y Yuppies are Unhappy

THE DATA BEHIND WHY GENERATION Y UU YUPPIES ARE UNHAPPY GYPSYS ARE UNHAPPY Lucy is a GYPSY Gen Y Protagonist & Special Yuppie Higher percentages of Millennials say they have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorders than other generations DEPRESSION ANXIETY 20% -15% WHAT IS MAKING GYPSYS UNHAPPY? 10% Happiness = Reality - Expectation MILLENNIALS GEN X BABY BOOMERS MATURES When reality turns out to be worse than expectations, people are unhappy 18-33 • 34-47 48-66 67+ GENEALOGY OF HAPPINESS G.I. GENERATION AT A GLANCE Lucy's Grandparents -Great Depression -WWII -Valued Economic Security -Wanted children to see G.I. Generation: Born 1902-1924 greener pastures REAL GDP PER CAPITA 1924 $6233 REAL GDP PER CAPITA 1946 $9197 47% GROWTH BABY BOOMERS AT A GLANCE Lucy's Parents Baby Boomers: Born 1946-1964 -Brought up to envision stable, prosperous careers -Knew hard work was necessary -Brought up in booming economy REAL GDP PER CAPITA 1964 $12,773 REAL GDP PER CAPITA 1986 $21,236 240% GROWTH SINCE 1924 66% GROWTH Lucy Generation Y: Born 1977-1994 GENERATION Y AT A GLANCE -Brought up with a sense of unbounded possibility -Secure prosperous careers no longer cut it -GYPSYS want a fulfilling career OPTIMISTIC say they have/earn enough 88% money now or expect they will in the future 46% of Gen Y say they expect to be better off than their parents GYPSY'S ARE DELUSIONAL Each individual GYPSY thinks that he or she is destined for something even better than all other GYPSYS Lucy considers a great career a given. It is simply a matter of choosing which way to go I AM “VERY IMPORTANT" In a study that measured psychological entitlement and narcissism: Gen Y's were more likely to rank in the top 20 percent in their level of entitlement Gen Y ranked 25% 50% 2x: 4x: 80% 12% HIGHER HIGHER MORE MORE GYPSYS 1950's than Gen X than those over 60 than Gen X than those over 60 GYPSY's ARE TAUNTED Social media has enabled a phenomenon: IMAGE CRAFTING SOCIAL MEDIA HAS CREATED A NEW WORLD FOR THIS GENERATION: A world where: Cultivating an inflated online («D») profile of oneself Things other people do are in the open People inflate their People who are doing the best broadcast the most existence Social scientists at Humboldt University and Darmstadt's Technical University found that among young people: YOUTH FACEBOOK USAGE The most common emotion aroused by using Facebook is envy The more they visit Facebook, the more dissatisfied they are The more they visit Facebook, the worse they feel Sources: BESTPSYCHOLÓGYDEGREES.COM table /news/nation/2013/02/06/stress-psychology-millennials-depression/1878295/ DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING HAPPINESS

The Data Behind Why Generation Y Yuppies are Unhappy

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This infographic provides a deeper look into why Generation Y is so unhappy.


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