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The Dark Side of Christmas

The Dark Side of Christmas Christmas may be a time for making merry but medics say the season's festivities can be a health hazard. More than 80,000 people a year need hospital treatment for injuries such as falls, cuts and burns during the festive period. During Christmas, your home is likely to be full of people and, in the excitement, accidents can easily happen. The Mental Hell Family issues can add to the stress of Christmas. Not only are there many domestic tasks but also spending concentrated periods of time with family members can increase the risk of conflict. 19% Face difficulty paying their utility bils due to Clvistmas spending 39% Used credit cards to cover the cost of Christmas 40% Increased levels of stress or anxiety A study has shown that January 8th is the busiest day of the year for divorce lawyers when up to one in five | couples will enquire about divorce after the pressures of Christmas. The enforced intimacy of the holidays, coupled with the start of a new year is thought to be the main trigger. 50% Admitted they had spent more than they could afford on Christmas 40% 25% Increased levels of depression of people are currently in debt, meaning they will be entering the Christmas period with their finances stretched to begin with. The Emptiness of a Christmas Alone 6.5 MILLION people in the UK will spend their christmas alone 17% of them are semi and unskilled workers, old age pensioners, and individuals dependent on the State for their income. 40% of the people spending the holiday alone this year, can't remember a single Christmas gift received last year. • 26% 500,000 older people will spend Christmas alone 28% 1 in 4 people said they won't be inviting any elderly relatives or local residents to their Christmas celebrations More people would volunteer to help animals than the elderly Christmas Day Calamities Eye Injuries Exploding Christmas tree lights, which cause small burns to eyelids Scratches to the eye from Christmas tree branches Catching zips on eyelids while trying on new jumpers Corks hitting the eye, which causes significant bruising and swelling These seemingly immobile pines and firs transform themselves into weapons of mass destruction, accounting for more than 1,000 injuries each year Burns People are likely to burn themselves on the oven One in ten of us manage to burn ourselves attempting to flame our Christmas puds. In 2007, 12 people got burns when trying on a new sweater with a cigarette in their mouth Cuts Over 200 people are admitted to hospital after not removing all the pins from new shirts Broken Bones Knife accidents abound at Christmas. From carving the turkey to chopping an avocado, mishaps happen when people use the wrong technique Each year, at least 3 people are reported with broken arms due to pulling Christmas crackers Poisoning Every year hundreds of people fall off ladders and break bones while hanging Christmas decorations Most people mistakenly wash their turkeys before cooking increasing the risk of food poisoning as harmful bacteria splash from raw meat on to work surfaces, Pet Injuries Last year 52 children were admitted to hospital after swallowing the contents of perfume and cologne bottles Dogs swallowing decorations account for a fifth of mishaps Knocking over trees accounts for a third of canine Christmas upsets Fatalities 26 people died from watering Christmas trees with the lights on in the past 13 years Over the last 10 years 27 people have died testing batteries on their tongue Last year 2 people died eating Christmas decorations they thought were chocolates How to Survive The Season With Christmas and the New Year fast approaching,here's some advice on how to cope with the pressures of Christmas and how to implement positive mental change for 2012 Drink sensibly Eat well Get involved The festive perioxd has become synony- mous with over-indulgence, which in turn prompts a pressing desire for many of us to lose weight in the New Year. Maintaining a healthy diet and The festive season provides us with an ideal opportunity to talk to, visit or engage with the people around us. Face-to-face communication has been shown to improve our mental and physical wellbeing as it produces the hormone, oxytocin, which can benefit our immune system and cognitive function The spirit of the holidays often involves social drinking and although the consumption of alcohol might make you feel more relaxed, it is important to remember that alcohol is a depressant and drinking excessive amounts can cause low mood, irritability or even weight can improve your mood during the busy festive season and dark winter months. aggressive behaviour. Relax Sleep Plan ahead Christmas can be a very busy and stressful time as we prepare to entertain family and friends, worry about cooking a delicious Christmas dinner, and fit in some last minute present shopping. By exercising more regularly you can help to both alleviate the symptoms of your stress and gain more control when coping with difficult situations, Despite many of us having time off work during Christmas and the New Year, our sleep patterns can be disturbed between catching up with friends and family and partying late. Try to get back in regular sleep routine as soon as paSsible after the party period, consume less alcohol during the festivities, and take measures to alleviate your stress. Organizing early for Christmas can make life less stressful. Make a list of all the people who you plan on buying gifts for and some ideas for them, Most of us are so busy we forget to stop and enjoy the moment. During the holidays, make time for things that are important to you, such as a quiet evening with friends, or decorating the tree with your family. to your Source: NHS Choices/ Mind (2008); Mental Health Foundation (2010); Curtis, P. (2002) Christmas Stress is Often Ignored, Say Psychologists, Medical News Today (2008) Stress Proofing Your Christmas; NHS Choices (2008) Live Well. Healthy Christmas; WRVS (2004) Loneliness at Christmas; Daily Telegraph (2007); The Guardian (2010).

The Dark Side of Christmas

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The horrifying truth about the holidays - the stress, strains and injuries that Christmas causes


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