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Curly VS Straight Hair

Curly VS Straight Hair The Problems Blow-drying your hair takes hours and often ends up frizzy. It's impossible to add volume to your straight thin hair. You can't sleep with wet hair. Curls in your hair fall out before you've even left the house. Straightening your hair can take at least half a day. Ponytail dents! You fear humidity. There's no variety, your hair will always look straight. You spend a fortune on products that only last a month. Washing your hair every day is the only way to avoid grease. You're always snapping your hair ties. Your positive you can see your roots growing out after just a week. Top Tips Avoid washing your hair too often. V Layers, Layers, Layers! V Embrace conditioner and use a lighter shampoo to keep your hair hydrated. V Skip brushing and blow dry upside down. V Use a silicone serum – it offers protection from humidity! V Sleep with your hair in a bun at night. V Towel dry as much as possible before picking up the hairdryer. Never towel dry your hair and blow-dry with a diffuser. V Cut out the shampoo once in a while and just use conditioner. V Avoid washing your hair every day and focus the conditioner on the tips of your hair rather than the roots. V Use a comb in the shower whilst your hair is wet. V Don't use a plastic comb on your hair once its dry. Achieving The Opposite Product, product, product! Start with a good haircut; split ends won't hold a curl! 1 Use a round bristle brush to pull your hair straight when blow-drying. 2 Add texture and protect your locks with serums and heat protection. Pull the top half of your hair into a bun and divide the bottom half into smaller 3 Find the right curling method, from hot sections. rollers to curling irons. Using a comb, straighten each section of hair from root to tip. Start curling from the top layer of your 4 hair rather than the bottom. Unclip the top half of your hair and repeat the process. Spray each curl with hairspray as you go and leave pinned to your head. Finish off with a serum or spray. Undo the pins and finger curl for your finished look. COp BLA DES Sources lems-and-solutions/_/the-best-way-to-straighten-curly-frizzy-hair (6

Curly VS Straight Hair

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We have described the problems and tips of curly and straight hair. We have explained the procedure of transforming curly hairs into straight and vice-versa. Check out this info-graphic.


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