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Crimes Through Time and the Punishments that Came with them

URIMES THROUGH TIME and the Punishments that Came with Them SCOLDING being slanderous and rude; a public nuisance. Ancient China clizabethan England Colonial fimerica Modern United States Penalty: Death Under the Tang cade, scdcing one's parent or grandparent was purishatle by death Even when the parent was proven to be in the wrong. Penalty: The Brank Reserved spocifically for women, gossps and scolds were semetimes fitted with a brank, or "scok's bride,' This was an Iron cage thet fR over the head, with a tab over the torgue to prevent spench. Penalty: The Ducking Stol Penalty: Misdemeanor Charge The ducking stod was a punistment fr scds as wel as querreseme couples. It Couid be swurg out ower a body of water, albwing the culprt to be ducked a numter of times acordrg to the senterce. There are no ragulations releted to the Speciic crime of "scolding." but many statas have lews that restrict publc profanity and dsorderly conduct, which Ere usLaly charged as a msdemeanor. PUBLIC INFOXICATION the display of drunkenness in a public space. Elizabethan England Modern Iran Penalty: Hanging Modern United States Aztec Empire Penaity: Stocks or Drunkard's Cloak An affender woud be putlicly hunilatad, USualy in the stocks. or. more rarely. be forced to wear a barrel knawn as the Urunkard's Doek Penalty: Shaving, Loss of House Penalty: Subject to Circumstance Missouri is an especially lamkent stata in thet it hes lepalzed publc Intodcation: Let It is specnoaly llegal to sit on any street curb h St. Lous. Missauri. and crink beer from a bucket. Unless k wes on the last 5 days of the calendar year or the person was elderly, putlic intoe cation was punished by teving one's head sheved and house destroyed. A Loung man was hanged h Iran for his third comiction on public intoicaton. Under ran's laws, Nuss are forbidtan from taking intodcants. The standerd sentence for the Nrst 2 conietions is 10 lashes. WITCHCRAFIT the use of harmful supernatural pouwers. Colonial fimerica Babylonian Empire Penalty: Orowning Modern fMalausi Modern Uniled States Penalty: Hanging or Pressing In the summer of 1632. 19 Purtans were hanged in Vassachusetts, uccused of t in the famous Salem trials. B1-yeer-old Biles Corey was pressed to death under heevy stones for refung to submit to a trial. Hs Aral words ere sald to heve been. "Wore weight" Penalty: Prison and Hard Labor 86 Malawlans. mosty elderly women. were sent to prison for 6 years of hard labor after they were Bccused of witcheraft, although It is not even a crime under Valawien lew. Penalty: None Mncheraft is ro longer recopnized as a crme in the US, so acusations cannot be presecuted. The Code of Hammurati caled for the cim of a spell to jump Into a river; f he dromed. the acUsed would then get icim's house. IF he Ived, the accused had to give the weom his Own hause. ADULIERY infidelity to one's spouse. Colonial fimerica Modern Somalia Modern United States Penalty: Subject to Circumstance Adutery laws vary fron state to state. h siates where atutery is stl prosecutetie, the penalties vary from e Ife sentence n Mcrigan, ta a Nre of SID n Marylard. Ancient India Penalty: Eaten by Dogs Penalty: Flopging and a Badge In 1639, a Nessachusetts woman was Punishment: Stoning The Laws of Nenu of ancient Inde seld h ata. a 13-year-old gri was bured up ra wre, proud of the greatness af her reletives or Dher ownl excellence, vilates the duty which she omes to her lond, the king shall tae her by dogs in a place frequented by many." conicted of uncleanness" with a Native Amrerican She was santenced a whipping through the streets on a cart, and to Wearing a badge with the letters "AD to her neck in a stadum and stoned to desth in front of over 1,0 spectators. She had allegedy pled guity to adutery. tut it was dscovered that the grl ted in fact reported being raped by 3 men POACHING the illegal acquisition of wild animals. Medieval England Penalty: Hanging Modern United States Penalty: Work Service and a Fine Colonial flustralia Modern China Penalty: Exle In ts colerial period, Englsh courts often transported convicts to hard labor in America or Australa. In 1837, two men Penalty: Prison and a Fine AFter Willem the Conqueror decroed that Chinese courts sentenced a man to 12 hanging should ony be used in wertime. he ordered that criminels should only be CaStrated and hawe ther eyes put out. Hs Successar rentreduced hanging. but only ftr those who poectet the royal deer years of prison end a fre of 580.00 yuan for tiling a rart htothinese tigor Treditional Chinese medicines meke use of tiger parts for such prescriptions as the nose to cure epiepsy. or whisters Ter heataches. A man was caught smugging latsters out of B Verhe Conservat on trea in Calfomia fer the feurth time: he was cited arter Werdens noticad "otd bulges" n his parts He was sentenced to 13 days of servce, a 3-year suspension of all fishing, and were found gulity of stealing six eggs and twa chickens, for which they were deportated to Austrele for 7 years. a $501 Nne THEFT taking another's property without consent. fAncient India Azlec Empire Elizabethan England Modern United States Penalty: Trampling by Elephant Penalty: Death Penalty: Subject to Orcumstance Penalty: Subject to Circumstance The Lews of Manu recammended that Theft wes e serbus aime for the Artecs: For a Arst offense, a pety thef could the king shauld have any thieves ceught In comection with the dsappearance lof propertyl executed (trampled to death) by an dephant Petty theft is usualy punistatle by a fine or up to 6 months in jal. h rare cases, there are other sentencEs h Penraykarle, 2 women stale Wal-Mert grn cards fram a chld an her birthday They were made to hold up shame signs admitting ther thert from merchents or from a temple, make use of a loophole in the law caled "benefit of the dergy" By this law. fe person could read lor memorize, as the population Psam 51, his sentence was reduced. theft of weapsry. or of more than 20 ears of com resulted in death. s mostly ilterate) the Btle's crimes outside the courthousa PlKACY an unsanctioned act of thievery or violence at sea. Roman Empire Penalty: Crucifixlon North Africa Colonial America Modern United States Punishment: Beheading Penalty: Hanging and Gibbetting Captain Milam Odd began as e privateer (a reider under the protection of their goverrment), but later turned to pracy. Both Kidd and his wfe were mprisoned. he in conditions so pcor that he was driven insene, He was hanged n London, and his body was gbbetted Ihung in an Iran cage) for 3 years afterwards. Penalty: Llfe +80 years In Prison 5 Sermal men were charged with the Nrst pracy coniction h the US In nearly 200 years, after attacking a Nany ship that they somehow mistook for a ship. They were cach sentenced to ire plus 80 years, h prison On a vayage acres the legean Sta in 75 AC, Julus Ceser wIs tthepped by Oclan prates. Mhen they decidet en a ransom of 20 gold talents, Cat sar is sald to hawe Dutchman Simon de Dencer, the Bartary Pirete, commanded a squadron in the service of Aiglers. He captured over 40 ships in a 2-yeer peried. But after he had redred, he was lured out of hidng in France, selzed, and beheaded. Insisted that he was worth at lest 50. After his release, Caesar ralsed a fleet, captured the pirotis, and crucified them. TREASON an act of betrayal of one's nation or sovereign. Ancient Egypt Ancient China Clizabethan England Modern United Stales Penalty: Execution and Erasure Penalty: Slow Slicing Penalty: Drawn and Quartered Penalty: Subject to Circumstance At the least, traltors ire imprisoned no lass than 5 years and Mined no less then SI0.000. In 206, a grand jury issued the first indictment far treasen since 1952. chargng an ATericun far eppearing In vicers as a spotesman rer al-Caeda Ater Phereah Teti siorg, or 'Ungch. Term of torture where the victim was shment only for men, a traler was hanged, taken down before he was dead, dragged face doWTIward through he streets tetind a horse, und "quertered (hacket inte 4 pieces). 8SSessineted e gruesome his botyguards, they were oecuted. The NESES ard feet of thter mortuary statues were hacked off and their inscriptions slowiy cut Into pleces until death. The number of cuts was set out in the law were eresed to ensure them being lost and crippled in the afterife BCcording to the crine: treason caled rer 1,000 pleces. Cuts were made in a spedfled ordar, enting with the hoart MGRDEK intentionally killing another without the sanction of the lau. Roman Empire Incan Empire Aztec Empire Penalty: Death Modern United States Penalty: Orowning In a Seck Penalty: Thrown Off a Cifr Penalty: Death or Life In Prison Semeene conicted of patricide Ithe kling of yrur awt father) would immedately be bindfelded as "umWorthy of the light He woud then be sewn up in a sack and thrown inta the sea. Later, a serpent weS added h the sack, and stll later, an ape, e dag und a rooster. Murderers were pished eff a ciff. but then so were people wha were Judged to be "lazy n ther mendatary public service. The punishment for Turder was death. by methods Includng dsembowelment, stoning, strangulation. End cutting out the heart. However, Familes of victims ctuld Federal punishment ftr murder in the Frst degres is feath or re imprisonment. In 2010, there were 46 eXEcutiens: 44 by lethal injection, 1 by Iring squad, and 1 by electric cher Itervene: the murderer's santence would then be removed and he woud become a sleve of the ictim's family Sources http://www.beigtodycm.envat tek/er-pocher-senterced-to-P-yors-n-l http://www.nEwzmbatWE.COm/pages/wtcheraft2.4EB htmi http://www.guerdencak/wort/at/ect/H/dazens-jaled-utcteraft-malam-wanan hp//wwwhistary arg/fandrtier/joumal/'spritgl3/aranics cfm p//www.restafm.orpad/egyst/ew_and_order/ndachtri hap//www.tomecekom/je/trimeladtunishnanthtimi hop//www.dal ynelcouk/news/erice-122556MWomen-hot-styrs-stane-IImnhiri ttp//erwidgedis.arg/wkteryCalturelantreljaus trecidans htp//www.roman-coosun rfolroman-fe/roran-punistmenthtn hip//tarton auteasedvehbis/atac/aztec_rminalhumi trap//www.fordhameduHILSMLL/anciert/2ableshtri p//www.dkemegsine dukcodu/tukenap/isues/50605/depsylhmi htp//www.nEwatventerg/cathen/5674a htm hap//www.dhanecrgLEMLsemlawirtide-16/0me-Purishmert-h-Cinaepx http://ww.therulvid.crg/Wta_IncE hp//www.chinese-forınscom/nden ptp/opit/4-an cite/ htp//aw? unkcedu/facuty/pmscts/irts/sakm/witchtistany htmi http://er widpedis.arg/wk/Ara http://www.weny.Eom/domiltarySS-Ncholas-attackers-get-e-pls-al-yaars http://www.telkgrephcauk/rews/weritnews/nitlesest/raE579/iather-to-hanghoni http://enseret http://www.wpel-Indaoptger/peaching critts php http://er aldpetis.arg/wkUPalticl_mitletertByzantine.cuure http://er widgedlaarg/wk/Stanirgen udalsm eLocalLawyers

Crimes Through Time and the Punishments that Came with them

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Have you ever heard the saying, "the crime doesn't fit the punishment?" Well this infographic will take that saying to a whole new level. Take a look at some ancient crimes such as scolding and the ha...


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