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Cremation Is More Popular Than Ever, And Here's Why

ASHES to ASHES CREMATIONS ARE ON THE RISE 43.5% MEDIAN COST Fifty years ago, only a tiny fraction of Americans chose to be cremated after death. But cremation has become much more popular in recent decades, thanks in part to an increase in religious acceptance of the practice and economic factors. Cremation costs around $3,190, as compared to $8,343 for a funeral plus burial. * PROJECTION The cremation rate in 2012 was 43.5 percent. That represents a 1,118.5 percent increase from the rate in 1958. By 2017, the cremation rate is projected to reach 49.1 percent. Basic cremation | Plus basic service I Plus full funeral I Burial plus funeral 3.6% 1958 2012 WHERE IS CREMATION MOST POPULAR? Cremation rates vary widely from state to state. Cremation is nearly twice as popular in the West as in the South. 2008 2012 Nevada had the highest cremation rate, 70.7 percent. Mississippi had the lowest, 11.3 percent. Nevada had the highest cremation rate, 74.2 percent. Mississippi had the lowest, 16.9 percent. CREMATION RATE 10 - 19.9% 1 20 - 29.9% 130 – 39.9% 140 49.9% 1 50 - 59.9% 160% and above WHAT HAPPENS TO THE ASHES? * DON'T ASK, DON'T TELL Scatter them A human body yields three to nine pounds of ashes (cremains). These are buried, scattered, or retained by survivors in roughly equal proportions. In 2012 (the most recent year for which reliable statistics are available) 1,073,911 people were cremated. Thus between 3.2 million and 9.7 million pounds of cremains were produced that year. Laws regarding the disposition of cremains vary from state to state. But survivors seem to pay little heed to these laws when deciding what to do with the cremains. Bury them Keep them WHERE CAN ASHES BE SCATTERED? Since cremains contain only harmless minerals, they pose no hazard to human health or the environment. Human cremains typically are absorbed into soil within days of burial. PRIVATE PROPERTY PUBLIC SPACES NATIONAL PARKS AT SEA BY AIR KEEP OUT! Get permission from the landowner before scattering ashes. The ship or plane must be at least three nautical miles from shore. Typically, public spaces like theme parks and sports facilities do not allow the scattering of cremains. Central Park and Disneyland prohibit it but "wildcat scattering" is popular in both places. National parks often require a permit for the scattering of cremains. Cremains must be finely pulverized and widely scattered. Cremains The FAA imposes no regulations on the scattering of cremains from the air, as long Scatterings should be reported to the EPA within 30 days. as there is no hazard to people or property. But many states forbid scattering over developed areas or water, and some have altitude restrictions. * DEFINITION The scattering of ashes without generally shouldn't be scattered within 100 yards of a public road. permission WHAT ELSE CAN YOU DO WITH ASHES? In recent years, people have found some odd things to do with loved ones' cremains – including turning them into synthetic diamonds, mixing into tattoo ink, and even blasting them into space. HOURGLASS VINYL RECORD DIAMOND RING TEDDY BEAR TATTOO MOM PENCIL PORTRAIT STAINED GLASS BULLETS FIREWORKS Sources: Cremation Association of North America; TIME, "Cremation Is on the Rise, but Where to Put the Ashes?;" The Wall Street Journal, "Love, Honor, Cherish and Scatter;" Cremation Solutions; Mental Floss, "10 Amazing Things Your Ashes Can Do After You Die" THE HUFFINGTON POST $2,245 $3,190 54,715 $8,343

Cremation Is More Popular Than Ever, And Here's Why

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It's no secret that life expectancy in the U.S. is trending upward. A person born today can expect to live eight years longer than someone born in the 1970s. But there's another trend you might not kn...




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