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Create stunning product photographs with invisible mannequin shots

As a good optimised website is key to your online brand so are good quality images and functions. Be it flat dress, leather goods, shoes or handbags, you aim at showcasing the product's best texture. But how do you display your O products? How do you style every garment to ensure that they look their best? The solution lies in... 'Invisible mannequin' shots. Style and photograph your items on an invisible mannequin The best part about invisible mannequin... This style offers an uncluttered view of the garment without distraction of a model or mannequin. Also allow customers to see features of the gament clearly such as neckline and lining details. The different ways to achieve invisible mannequin techniques... Using a bog standard mannequin. Shooting the garment from the front, turning it inside out to shoot again and then merging the two images using Photoshop Making a manněquin shapé out of wire. Time and skills are required to edit the photographs afterwards Using a transparent or see through mannequin. This method again requires skills and lights to glare from it and disturb the overall quality of the image. The basic requirements for mannequin technique Studio lights Photography gear White background/backdrop Garment that fits the mannequin Mannequin PS Photoshop Method to use mannequin technique to style your garment Maintain a distance of 5 to 8 feet between'the garment and the backdrop. Photograph the front part of the garment on mannequin. Now you need a photo of the garment turned inside out on the mannequin to stitch them together using Photoshop. Post processing work... It takes a lot of practice and experimentation before you. achieve the perfect mannequin effect. Open the images in Photoshop that allows you tơ stitch multiple photographs together. Now remove mannequins from the images and stitch them together. The best mannequin pose to cut... A symmetrical pose will allow every piece of clothing to be displayed with consistency on the web or in a catalog. Most photographers like to have a symmetrical pose because it's easier to photograph and perfect for 360 degree animations of the product. Putting it all together.. Invisible mannequin photography offers the following advantages. Mannequin photos display the brand or label details in your fashion image Combining front and back garment shots to offer a holistic look to your site visitors Improving your time to market to present your fashion label. Adjusting the coloring and white balance of your apparel; enhancing the clothes colors FREE Removing or modifying the background. BUY1 FREE ereae REE EE With the constantly evolving online fashion industry, quality product pictures will increase your sales over competition. If you want to create a realistic simulation which shows your label and lining, get in touch with Amanda Maddox Product photographers and boost your online retail sales 0207 096 0256 AMANDA MADDOX PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY Professional London Product Photographer

Create stunning product photographs with invisible mannequin shots

shared by Dsmith123 on Oct 17
The online retail industry is becoming increasingly dependent on high quality images to offer dynamic three dimensional representations of clothing. Unlike flat lay photography, these stylized product...


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