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The Cost of Same-Sex Marriage Bans

HOW SAME-SEX MARRIAGE BANS PENALIZE GAY COUPLES FINANCIALLY HOW SAME-SEX MARRIAGE BANS PENALIZE STATES FINANCIALLY 1,138 - The Cost of SAME-SEX MARRIÁGE BANS S16.8 BILLION: How much additional revenue America's $70 There are 1,138 federal "benefits, rights, and privileges" bestowed on couples who are legally billion wedding industry would take in if same- sex marriage were legalized across the country. married, affecting everything from health care to estate taxes to social security benefits. TOTAL WEDDING SPENDING BY SAME-SEX COUPLES IN THE FIRST YEAR IT WAS LEGALIZED: ******* As of May 2012, 42 percent of Americans live in states Of Americans believe that legally recognize same-sex couples in some $101.1M companies should fashion. But only 8 states have voted to allow full 73% marriage equality. Same-sex marriage bans don't just penalize gay couples financially- extend health and $48.8M employee benefits to same-sex couples. states take a hit to their $13.1M $7.1M $3.9M $3.7M pocketbook, too. Only 21 percent of the U.S. 21% companies that offer benefits extend them to same-sex couples. NY MA CT IA NH VT TOTAL TOURISM SPENDING BY OUT-OF-STATE And for those couples who do get benefits for a same-sex partner, they pay, on average, an additional $1,069 in federal taxes than an identically-situated opposite-sex couple, thanks to DOMA and IRS regulations. COUPLES AND WEDDING GUESTS $1.869 $53.7M *............ .. $11.5M $3.4M $18,808 $1.8M $1.2M $1M $60 NY MA CT VT IA NH The cost of a marriage license in Cook County, Illinois, that provides the couple with all the benefits and protections of marriage, The cost paid by one same-sex couple profiled by the Chicago Tribune in 2010 to establish, through wills, including hospital visitation and inheritance rights powers of attorney and other legal documents, the same rights conferred by a marriage license. $111 MILLION $88 MILLION $467,56 The total estimated boost to The total estimated boost to In 2011, The New York Times found that in a worst-case scenario, a same-sex couple lost $467,562 worth of financial benefits of marriage over their lifetime. The best-case scenario: they lost $41,196. Massachusetts' economy in the first five years same-sex marriage was legal. Washington's economy over the first three years same-sex marriage will be legal. TAKE ACTION Take Part LEARN MORE ABOUT THE FIGHT FOR LGBT RIGHTS AT TAKEPART.COM SOURCES: THE WILLIAMS INSTITUTE, IRS, GAO, CENSUS BUREAU, THE NEW YORK TIMES, FORBES INFOGRAPHIC DESIGN BY COLUMN FIVE

The Cost of Same-Sex Marriage Bans

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70,000 gay couples in the U.S. are currently married, and 90,000 have entered civil unions or domestic partnerships. But the cold hard truth is that throughout the U.S., gays and lesbians remain unabl...


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