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The Cost of Procrastination in Australia

THE COST OF PROCRASTINATION IN AUSTRALIA Australia is well known for its laid back culture and Other popular ways to procrastinate include play- high quality of life; however, there is such a thing ing games, listening to music and watching DVDS. as taking it too easy. Research compiled by the Considering that there is a huge amount of work available online these days, each hour wasted pro- Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that while Australians enjoy around 5 hours of free time' crastinating represents lost potential earnings. each day, the vast majority are wasting it through procrastination. Here is a brief look at the cost Shockingly, Australians over 15 years of age collec- of procrastination in Australia tively spend more than 42 million hours each day watching TV. HOW DO WE SPEND OUR TIME 46% 16% Sleeping, eating, personal hygiene, etc. Work, school, etc. 17% Family and/or other 21% commitments Time left over MOST POPULAR PASTIMES % of Australians participating 87.4% 47.9% 43.7% 25.6% Watching T.V Listening to Radio Reading Sport & outdoor activity AMOUNT OF 'FREE TIME' HOW 'FREE TIME' SPENT PER ACTIVITY IS SPLIT PER DAY Main Activities as % of Total 'Free Time' Ave for all Australians 52% Watching T.V 155 mins O 19% Listening to Radio 59 mins 11% Reading 33 mins 7% Sport/outdoor activity 21 mins 5% Games/hobbies/arts 17 mins 3% Watching Videos/DVDS 9 mins 1% Listening to Music 4 mins 1% Religious activities 4 mins 1% Entertainment/culture 4 mins INSTEAD OF WATCHING TV, HOW MUCH COULD YOU BE EARNING? Watching T.V Cutting back on unproductive habits provides a MONEY (S) great opportunity to boost your income. Many 1 Year 1 Day online jobs offer up to $35/hour*. 35,000 155 mins 52,080 mins (*) Times are based on Australian daily averages $90.41 $30,380 and amounts are based on being paid $35/hour. 30,000 25,000 Listening to Radio 20,000 1 Year 1 Day 59 mins 19,824 mins 15,000 $34.41 $11,564 Reading 1 Year 1 Day 10,000 33 mins 11,088 mins $19.25 $6,468 Games/ hobbies/arts 1 Day 1 Year 5,000 5,712 mins $3,332 17 mins $9.91 TIME 1 Month $2,531.66 1 Month $963.66 1 Month $539.00 1 Month $277.66 1 Week $632.91 1 Week $240.91 1 Week $134.75 1 Week $69.41 HOW TO TURN SPARE TIME INTO CASH The easiest way to turn wasted time into cash is Whether you are saving up something or just by working onli You can work as much or as want to get more out of your 'free time', little as you like from the comfort of your own START RECLAIMING YOUR LOST POTENTIAL home. There are a wide variety of jobs available EARNINGS BY PICKING UP SOME EXTRA WORK ranging from taking surveys to freelance writing. ONLINE. and even just a few hours a week can mean a significant boost to your income. SurveyCompare SOURCE: Australian Bureau of Statistics

The Cost of Procrastination in Australia

shared by AgneseG on Oct 11
Did you know that Australians collectively spend over 42 million of hours a day watching TV?


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