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The CORRECT Numbers Behind Cellphone Usage

TRENDS I AND O THE Correct NUMBERS BEHIND CELLPHONE USAGE STATISTICS LET'S GET STARTED.. 6.1 Trilion sent worldwide in 2010 (TWO HUNDRED TRILUÓN) WHICH IS MORE THAN TEXÌ MESSAGES what is technically possible ENTIKE TEAK J -WORTHOFREGULAR MAIE ARE RECEIVED NAMERICA EVERY SINGLE DAY. -(THAT'S REEEIVED HN-AMERIEAT messages sent AND received AVERAGE NUMBER OF TEXTS SENT BY AN AMERICAN TEEN EACH MONTH. --fa566%inereese irtwo yedTST- 3339 +8% Vs 2009 42% OF TEENS TEXTING IS THE NO Source! CELLPHONES HELLO THERE CAV TLIEV 11:30 PM : ok, but this is 3 years old GE BLINDFOLDED. (AFTER CHECKING THE TIME) 83% 60% 46% 32% 27% 23% USE THEIR PHONES TO Smart TAKE PICTURES PLAY MUSIC PLAY EXCHANGE SURF THE SOCIAL GAMES VIDEOS WEB NETWORK THE DECLINE OF VOICE CALLS (PER MONTH) TEENS 631 2779 sent / received VOICE TEXT MESSAGES MINUTES 18 AND UNDER Vs. ADULTS 398 32 65 AND ABOVE VOICE MINUTES TEXT MESSAGES sent / received DOLLARS SPENT ON MOBILE DEVICES IN 2010 AMERICANS SPENT $42.8 MILLION Already $12 bilion in 2009 and $4.9 billion in 20IO, is it going to decrease! IN 2015 AMERICANS WILL SPEND $1.8 BILLION MOBILE APP DOWNLOADS BY YEAR 500 million iPhone apps downloaded 300 MILLION between april and july z009. Explain your figure please. (2009) 10.9 billion 5 BILLION (2010) Have you ever heard of Nokia? and other little mobile platforms such as 99.4% OF APP DOWNLOADS AMERICAN SMARTPHONE MARKET SHARE (2010) PALM 1.3% SYMBIAN 3.4% LINUX 3.3% APPLE IOS 27.9% WINDOWS MOBILE 14% this one, wait for it.. is RIGHT! GOOGLE ANDROID 22.7% RIM BLACKBERRY 27.4% of this wonderful THE END Work. Caguk and broadcasted by. corrected DESIGNED AND ILLUSTRATED BY RILEY CRAN 200 trillion fimes by Ccyroultwit Sources: http://www.frankwbal for more relevant info, (don't) see below INFORMATION PROVIDED BY: WWw.ONLINEITDEGREE.COM Sources of this version: ---.... --..... ....... --..... ....... ---.... --..... --.....

The CORRECT Numbers Behind Cellphone Usage

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Just because they are pleasant to look at doesn't mean they're true. One of the problems with the rise of infographics is that many of them are based on unclear, unreliable, or completely fabricated i...


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