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The Connection Between Razor Blades and Jazz

T H E B A S E LIN E JAZZ THE WHIRL OF BRASS, PERCUSSION AND PIANO CREATE THE RHYTHM THAT GIVES JAZZ ITS HEART AND SOUL. LATE 1800s THE BEGINNING OF A GENRE Early jazz was derived from slave songs and influenced by southern blues RAGTIME INTERESTING INSIGHTS CHARACTERISTICS MODERN INFLUENCE "The Harlem Rag" by Tommy Turpin in 1892 was the first popular ragtime song Primarily piano-based "Glory" by John Legend and Common Served as entertainment at the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago 1900s-1920s THE BIRTH OF "FREESTYLE" The Jazz Age is rife with experimentation IMPROVISATIONAL JAZZ INTERESTING INSIGHTS CHARACTERISTICS MODERN INFLUENCE Freestyle rap finds its roots in improvisational jazz Making up the music on the fly The word "Jazz" appears in print for the first time in 1913 Playing from printed music and improvising solos Trumpet legend Louis Armstrong would cut out mouth calluses himself with a razor blade due to his embouchure and "Scat" singing was popularized during this time period playing so much 1930s SOUND IN MOTION Jazz gains popularity in the big cities SWING INTERESTING INSIGHTS CHARACTERISTICS MODERN INFLUENCE Formation of Orchestras made "All About That Bass" by Meghan Trainor Black musicians were often not allowed as patrons in the "whites only" clubs where they performed up of many jazz musicians Porgy and Bess, the first jazz-influenced opera, opens in 1934 Often accompanied by swing dancing 1940s THE FREEDOM OF JAZZ "Freedom" relates to the lack of rigid orchestral rules found in other genres BEBOP INTERESTING INSIGHTS CHARACTERISTICS MODERN INFLUENCE "Stronger Than Me" by Amy Winehouse Quick tempO Called "Jazz for Intellectuals" because of its fast, complicated tempo Complex harmonies 1950s BEYOND BORDERS Shared musical heritage creates a powerful jazz blend LATIN AND AFRO-CUBAN INTERESTING INSIGHTS CHARACTERISTICS MODERN INFLUENCE Gloria Estefan drew Percussive beat "Addicted to You" by Shakira on Afro-Cuban beats to rule 80s Mixture of ragtime, swing and latin music pop 1960s NEW TRENDS Guitar jams embrace groove and soul FREE/ATONAL JAZZ INTERESTING INSIGHTS CHARACTERISTICS MODERN INFLUENCE Legendary musicians Jimi Hendrix and Carlos Santana are "I Don't Trust Myself" by John Mayer Use of melodic idioms No limitations as considered part of this subgenre previously set by strict jazz subgenres 1970s FUSING WORLDS AND CULTURES LEVEL First example of a real mixture of rock and jazz DRIVE OUTPUT DRIVE O FUSION INPUT INTERESTING INSIGHTS CHARACTERISTICS MODERN INFLUENC Hard guitar and riffs "Money Grabber" by TV theme songs are influenced by fusion, such as Danny DeVito's Taxi Fitz and the Tantrums 1980s & 1990s MODERNIZATION OF JAZZ Synthesizers and improvised verse give birth to a new sound HIP HOP AND RAP INTERESTING INSIGHTS CHARACTERISTICS MODERN INFLUENCE Hip Hop is the second most A Tribe Called Quest, Jungle Brothers, NWA and Tupac were some of the first modern hip hop and rap artists that sampled jazz songs in their music to pay tribute to their roots Rapping (MCing) DJing Dancing Tackles social popular genre of music, topped only by rock issues Rapper Keith Cowboy is said to have coined the phrase "hip hop" by scat singing the words like a soldier's marching cadence during shows WHETHER IT'S MAKING A FASHION STATEMENT OR KEEPING TIME TO SOCIETAL CHANGES AND THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT, JAZZ CONTINUES TO INFLUENCE OUR GLOBAL MUSIC AND CULTURE. IT'S PART OF OUR HISTORY, OUR PRESENT, AND SURE TO BE PART OF OUR FUTURE. SOURCES ORG DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING

The Connection Between Razor Blades and Jazz

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