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Complete Guide to Fireworks Laws by State

FIREWORKS LAWS State by State WHAT KIND OF BANG CAN YOU GET FOR YOUR BUCK? It can be tricky to know exactly what is and isn't legal in your state, so here's a guide you can use. Remember that laws can also vary by county and city! DEFINITIONS: Novelty Fireworks: Devices that contain a small amount of pyrotechnic and/or explosive composition but do not fall under the category of consumer fireworks. Such devices produce limited visible or audible effects. This includes: Trick Роppers Snappers Sparklers noisemakers Ground Fireworks: Bombs and Shells: M-80s Volcanoes Cherry bombs Cones Aerial Fireworks: Roman Rockets Chasers Salutes candles WHO DECIDES THE LAW? HOW DO I KNOW IF IT'S LEGAL? The state fire marshal sets When in doubt, a good rule the regulations for what types are of thumb is: If retailers sell it in your state, it's probably legal in your state. aren't legal. FIREWORKS LAWS BY STATE States That Ban All * MAP KEY * Consumer Fireworks States that only allow novelty fireworks (sparklers, snakes, poppers) States that allow novelty fireworks and ground fireworks (cones and volcanoes) States that allow novelty fireworks, ground fireworks, aerial fireworks, and bombs and shells (M-80s and cherry bombs) States that allow novelty fireworks, ground fireworks and aerial fireworks (bottle rockets and roman candles) LITTLE-KNOWN FACTS In California, you In Florida, fireworks are Ohio requires those who purchase fireworks to promise to take them out of cannot have fireworks that only legal if labeled and sold resemble food. as "pest control." the state after a set period of time. In South Dakota, agricultural workers may set off fireworks to On Hawaii's Big Island, it is illegal In 1731, Rhode Island officials outlawed using to set off fireworks within fireworks for protect sunflower crops from birds and other pests. 1,000 feet of a "hospital, convalescent “mischievous ends" due to too many pranks. home, zoo or animal hospital." DO NOT rely on this information as being accurate or as legal advice, and please DO handle those fireworks carefully. SOURCES: http://www.popularmechanics. .com/adventure/outdoors/a6763/the-bewildering-web-of-us-fireworks-laws/ we-swear-are-real NATION'S LEADING APARTMENT RESOURCE

Complete Guide to Fireworks Laws by State

shared by forrent on Jul 10
We all love fireworks and the national holiday 4th July is just one occasion when we can enjoy this thrill! Check out the ultimate guide to fireworks laws by state and find out what's the situation in...





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