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Comforts of Home

COMFORTS OF THE HOME THEN NOW IDEAS FROM THE WHAT WE HAVE PAST TODAY MÜM The stay-at-home mum cooked, cleaned, hemmed and folded It would take eight to do what one woman women laundry. She also brought up the children and was the overseer of can do now around the house and work. everything in their lives. In 1970 the average age 21 for a first time mum was Today, the arerage age for a first time mum is 25 THE AVERAGE FAMILY SIZE 7-10 kids in the 1700s. -and Today, íamilies average 3.5 kids in the 1950s. 2 kids In 1976, 31% of mums Today, 55% of mums with a child under one with a child under year old, worked. one year old, work. In 1900 - 1908, women ages 20-29 averaged Today. 25-29 averaged women ages HEIGHT 53 HEIGHT 54 WEIGHT 132 bs. WEIGHT 124 s. LAUNDRY With the click of a button, energy efficient washer and tumble driers: Laundry was washed in a tub of hot water, with a: washboard and a dolly stick clean dry As does a dishwasher. FOD Butcher shops replaced ancient hunterer gatherer techniques. With fast food, frozen food and microwaves we can eat almost instantly. VACUUM In 1899, John Thurman started the first motorized LG Hom-Bot robot vacuum cleaner has vacuum cleaner. St. Louis, * Missouri a built in camera and mapping system to remember the layout of your home. The horse-drawn, gas powered It has 3 cleaning settings for different types of floors and it recharges itself. vacuum system had door to door service and charged $4 per visit. The robo vacuum costs around $600 FRIDGE LGs larest model Wooden ice box from the 19th century LSC27990TT HDTV In 1918. Kelvinator introduced the first refrigerator with a type of automatic control. The built-in display screen allows you to: - surf the internet - play music - hold a recipe bank - save a digital photo album One manufacturer's 1922 model had: - a wooden cabinet with a "CustomCube" ice maker a water- cooled compressor, - two ice $714 It's a fridge with a mind of a dietician. You can even create individual profiles. cube trays 1920s refrigerator with nine cubic feet of storage You can grocery shop remotely and check in to see what's in your fridge, where it's located and when it's going to expire. НЕАТ nest 72 In the 19th Century wood burning Nest is a learning thermostat that programs itself. Plus, you can control it anywhere. stoves were used to heat the home. BUDGETDirect of the eleiraie him http://www.techeblog.contitclex.phptech-gadgettop-hehch rehigerators http://mashable .com/2012/01/09/lgsmart-ferator (http://www.oldaadinteresting com/history-bfAwashing clathies.aspx) attp:// 27 tittp://sciehce-in-farming.library4faming org FoodNutrition-Allówances/ HEALTH/Heights-and-Weights.html

Comforts of Home

shared by Rara761 on Mar 13
This is a great to see where so many things we use day to day come from and where they are now.


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