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College Students Are an Easy Target for Identity Theft

COLLEGE LIFE EASY TARGET for IDENTITY THEFT AS COLLEGE KIDS HEAD BACK TO SCHOOL, STUDENTS ARE UNAWARE HOW VULNERABLE THEY ARE TO IDENTITY THEFT. Just a few ways college students are at risk: • Communal living provides accessibility to student information • Unprotected computers • Social Networking • Universities using SSN for identification purposes DORM 24% OF ALL IDENTITY THEFT COMPLAINTS ARE FROM THE 18-29 YEAR OLD AGE BRACKET Almost 50% OF STUDENTS HAVE HAD GRADES POSTED BY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER IN THE FIRST HALFOF 2012, 54 DATA BREACHES HAVE BEEN REPORTED AT EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS IMPACTING 1,243,734 RECORDS. 3/4 OF THE PARENTS OF COLLEGE STUDENTS BELIEVE 89% OF THE PARENTS INDICATED THAT WHILE THEY HAD SPOKEN TO THEIR CHILDREN STUDENTS ARE AT MODERATE-TO-HIGH RISK FOR IDENTITY THEFT. ABOUT SAFETY MEASURES, THE STUDENTS WERE NOT HEEDING THE WARNINGS." ONLY 21% OF STUDENTS ARE CONCERNED ABOUT IDENTITY THEFT. Almost half Nearly a third OF ALL COLLEGE STUDENTS RECEIVE CREDIT CARD APPLICATIONS ON A DAILY OR WEEKLY BASIS. MANY OF THESE STUDENTS THROW OUT CARD APPLICATIONS WITHOUT DESTROYING THEM. OF STUDENTS RARELY, IF EVER, RECONCILE THEIR CREDIT CARD AND CHECKING ACCOUNT BALANCES. TIPS TO HELP PROTECT COLLEGE STUDENTS Campus HORROR Stories Keep a shredder for any document with personal info on it. Purchase a safe or locked cabinet to keep important papers. A Keep SSN cards and numbers in a locked safe place. Do not carry it in a wallet. FLORIDA PROFESSOR POSTED SSNS or STUDENTS ON HIS CLASS WEB SITE 7 Don't share SSN without knowing why it's needed. Most schools now use a student identification number instead of the SSN. 1,600 USC ORIENTATION DEPT. CHECKS STOLEN, MANY WITH STUDENTS' SSNS ON MEMO LINE Secure computers with a strong password, UNIVERSITY OF INDIANA COMPUTER HACKED BY firewall and anti-virus software and install a. desktop cable lock so no one can remove it. FOREIGN INTRUDER WHO OBTAINED 3,000 SNs *** Make sure mobile devices are secured with a password lock so no one can access personal info when the phone is not in use or lost. PROFESSOR POSTED GRADES BY SSN AND STOLE IDENTTITIES OF SOME OF HER STUDENTS Learn the importance of reconciling bank statements each month and monitor for A TEACHER'S ID WAS STOLEN BY STUDENT - suspicious charges regularly. HER SSN WAS REQUIRED ON TOP OF CLASS ROSTER *** Be aware of blogging, scams, and tricks con-artists use to get SSNS, bank account or credit card numbers and other private information including date and county of birth. FEMALE STUDENT'S EX-BOYFRIEND USED SSN TO COMMIT IDENTITY THEFT AS REVENGE An identity protection service like Identity Guard" can help you monitor, protect, and recover from certain suspicious activities. Find out how at Sources 1. ITmC Soluton 2- College Sutents and letty Thet. ebruary 2, 2010. identity Thet nesource Center 2. Don't let identity thieven steal your tuturet (February 22, 2005). Ofice of Inmpector General U.S. Depertment ot Education. A Chronology of Duta Bhes Securty Brach n y Py Ckarnghue uaatoue 4. Colege and University Privacy laE: Social Securtny Numbars and Smart Cards (June 21, 200 Privacy Rights C IDENTITY GUARD.

College Students Are an Easy Target for Identity Theft

shared by IdentityGuard on Nov 08
College students are a popular target for identity thieves, primarily because many are often negligent when it comes to managing their finances. It can take a long time for college students to even n...


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