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College Safety Tips to Avoid Campus Crime

CAMPUS PROTECT YOUR BELONGINGS CAMPUS SAFETY POLICE CAMPUS CRIME 80% PROPERTY CRIMES 87,160 PROPERTY CRIMES 80% OF CRIMES REPORTED AT THE 2011 FBI'S UNIFORM CRIME REPORT COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES ACROSS IDENTIFIED 2,696 VIOLENT CRIME THE U.S. ARE PROPERTY CRIMES INCIDENTS AND 87,160 PROPERTY CRIME INCIDENTS ON COLLEGE CAMPUSES THEFT IS THE MOST PREVALENT FORM OF PROPERTY CRIME ON COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY CAMPUSES DID YOU KNOW? Burglaries accounted for 24.1% of all property crimes in the U.S. in 20n DID YOU KNOW? Robberies accounted COLLEGE ROBBERIES COLLEGE BURGLARIES for 68% of all property crimes in the U.S. in 201n 20,088 3,000 20,000 2,662 17,500 2,500 15,000 2,000 1,624 12,500 10,982 1,500 10,000 7,500 1,000 5,000 500 248 226 2,500 1,785 ON PUBLIC ON CAMPUS OFF CAMPUS IN STUDENT HOUSING FACILITES ON PUBLIC ON CAMPUS OFF CAMPUS IN STUDENT PROPERTY PROPERTY HOUSING FACILITES COLLEGE MOTOR VEHICLE THEFTS DID YOU KNOW? Motor vehicle thefts accounted for 7.9% of all property crimes in the U.S. in 2011 ON CAMPUS 3,589 ON PUBLIC PROPERTY 2,234 OFF CAMPUS 499 IN STUDENT HOUSING FACILITES APARTMENT/DORM TIPS DOORS AND WINDOWS SLEEP SAFELY REPORT DEFECTIVE AFTER DO NOT LOSING A KEY ALLOW STRANGERS should be kept in a locked room LOCKS have your locks locked at all times or apartment immediately to apartment landlords or changed; if living on campus, notify residential life to follow you into residence halls or dorm residential life apartment complexes VEHICLE TIPS BELONGINGS TIPS LOCK YOUR VEHICLE INVEST IN A STURDY BICYCLE LOCK and always lock your bicycle to something immovable (sign, lamppost, bike rack) and keep windows closed PARK IN A WELL-LIT AREA to decrease likelihood of people approaching your car TAKE PART IN PROPERTY REGISTRATIONS Secure your property against theft, report serial codes and descriptions to the campus police LOCK VALUABLES in a trunk or hide them in glove compartments SOURCES KEEP RECORD of your VIN #, registration plate number, and other important information www.gustavus.odu/sataty/tips/crima.php Protection SECURITY SOLUTI ONS

College Safety Tips to Avoid Campus Crime

shared by jzhang513 on Mar 28
With theft being the most prevalent form of property crime on college campuses, it's extremely important for students to take note of what they own and protect their belongings. Unfortunately, campus ...


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