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College and the Drunken Coed

LEN COLLEGE & THE DRUNKEN COED WHICH CAMPUSES EXPEL FOR DUIS Depending on the laws of the state where the college is located, DUI can also be called: DWI / OUI / ETC. Those caught driving with blood alcohol levels over the legal limit can be charged and convicted with DUI (Driving Under the Influence). College students may face double the consequences: IN THE COURTS AND ON CAMPUS Whether driving on campus or off while legally drunk, a college student may be: Subject to restrictions and penalties Suspended under his or her college honor code Expelled WHAT'S THE BiG DEAL? The majority of college students are below the legal drinking age and not legally allowed to drink, yet this doesn't stop a large number of them from imbibing at parties and even bars. This can result in underage drinking and driving, which can result in a criminal conviction and multiple harsh penalties. It is illegal in all 50 states and D.C. to operate a vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) above the legal limit. The BAC limit in all states is Any driver with a BAC level at or above .08 is 0.08 % > considered "per se intoxicated." [1] Common penalties for those convicted of DUI include license suspension or revocation and heavy fines. The penalties vary according to state law and the circumstances CANCELLED surrounding the offense, but they could also include: THE USE OF AN IGNITION INTERLOCK DEVICE JAIL TIME MANDATORY CLASSES (131 Many states also have "zero tolerance" laws intended for intoxicated drivers under the These laws can penalize underage drivers who have any alcohol in their systems whatsoever (i.e., a BAC level over 0.0). AGE OF 21. X 0.01 The "National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984" required all states to raise the age for purchasing and public possession of alcohol to 21. The law does not prohibit persons under 21 from drinking. State laws set the minimum drinking age. [2] 21 The "Collegiate Initiative to Reduce Binge Drinking and Illegal Alcohol Consumption" was enacted in 1989. [3] The "Family and Educational Rights and Privacy Act" states that colleges and universities are permitted to inform parents when a student under 21 has violated any law or policy involving the use or possession of alcohol or a controlled substance. [4] SOBERING STATS The "Annual Review of Public Health" reported that from 1998-2001: college students (18-24) died from alcohol-related injuries, including car crashes. 1,825 599,000 students (18-24) were injured due to alcohol. [5] 0.08 The Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs reported that 0.06 0.10 0.04 0.12 3,360,000 .0.02 0.14 students (ages 18-24) drive while above the legal BAC limit. 0.08 % BAC LIMIT DUI: CAMPUS STYLE Each campus has different rules for handling DUI issues. Here's a sampling of a few campus regulations. DUI is an offense against the University of North Carolina Eshelman Students arrested for There is a three strikes driving while drunk are in violation of Stanford's honor code. [7] policy in effect at James Madison University in Virginia for DUI and similar offenses. [8] School of Pharmacy honor code. [6] If student is a first-time DUI offender at the University of Florida: The student will receive deferred suspension. Suspension is deferred I pending student's completion of terms. UF will opt for immediate suspension if student has high BAC or fights with police officers. Suspension will go on student record. A permanent record of student conduct code violations is kept. [9] Misuse of alcohol and drugs in violation of the "Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities" at the University of Michigan could result in penalties, suspension, or expulsion. [10] Tiny Connecticut College is one of only a few colleges with an honor Amherst College provides students with a how-to guide for planning an intervention of system for academic and social honor. a friend with a drinking problem. Students who drive 20% of 10% live on while under the influence are in Amherst students campus in substance-free identify themselves as violation of the honor code and state law. housing. [12] [11] nondrinkers. Whether at school or not, drinking and driving is never a good idea. It is illegal in all states to drive while under the influence, but college students could receive even higher penalties. SOURCES [1] [2] blic App7.pdf [3] law/Fed_Statute.htm [4] [5] (6] ook/honor-system-1/honor-system (71 [8] [9] (10] [11] [12] drugs [13] laws blood_breath%20_alcohol limits_CHART.htm

College and the Drunken Coed

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Which Campuses Expel for DUIs.


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