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Coffee In Austrlaia

Coaee in AuStralia den' Bumyul Scuictor K We love our coffeel Businessman seeks to bring Klimt work Coffee is now the dominant hot beverage in Australia, supplanting tea as the first.choice at-home drink among Australians, as the nation diversifies its coffee palate and and accepts its true coffee culture. Businessman Klim to bringd ters ers aeke to Anstrig The number of cups drunk outside the home or office rose from 1,5 billion in 2010 to 21 billion Coffee in 2012. In the past two years the average price of an ešpresso-based coffee rose from an average $3.62 a cup to 53.56 13% Slimilaiton 31% enovment THE MOST FREQUENT REASON FOR PEOPLE DRINKING COFFEE AT WORK TYOrOYOOYorOYoroYor Slabicks found out the hard way when they opened 84 stores with great fanfare in 2000, only to close 61 of them 8 years later because they failed to deliver the high quality coffee standard that we were already enjoying at independently owned cafes and coffee shops. SARBUC COFFEE Cafe coffee OIOCIS in Australia Cappuccino Flat White Caffe latte Caffe mocha Hot chocolate 31% 30% 21% 8% Long Black Espresso/short black 4% 1% I INS According to the survey, the type of coffee you drink may say a lot more about you four coffee drinks revealed some interesting results: than you ever realised. Comparisons between Australia's top OTalle Cappuetine • Flick to the gossip and entertainment section of the newspaper • Spend Saturday night in a nightclub • Listen to dance music • Take public transport Live in a shared house with friends or with mum and dad • Have between 201– 300 friends on Facebook • Flick to the sports section of the newspaper • Spend Saturday night in front of the TV with a takeaway • Listen to pop music • Drive a sedan • Live by the beach or water • Have more than 500 friends on Facebook Hat Thile Long Black • Flick to the travel section of the newspaper Spend Saturday night on a date • Listen to rock music • Get around in a taxi • Live in an apartment in the CBD • Have 1- 50 friends on Facebook • Get their news online • Spend Saturday night at the cinema or theatre • Listen to classical or acoustic music Drive a 4WD or sportscar • Live in a detached house in the suburbs or country • Have 1– 50 friends on Facebook! Sorcesùlture CoffeeBeverages_FINAL.pdf coffeepr.pdf

Coffee In Austrlaia

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Coffee consumption in Australia, the land of obsessed coffee lovers. What type of coffee drinker are you? And how many Facebook friends does that mean you have?!


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