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Cleaning Services Infographic Dust To Shine

CLEANING SERVICES 01 Different Types of Cleaning Services Domestic Crew House Cleaning Services cleaning cleaning One off cleaning End of tenancy After build cleaning cleaning 02 Reasons For Hiring a Cleaner Spend time with their family Illness Don't like cleaning Property too large Home gets dirty to quickly You always have a clean home Gives you time for other things Professional house cleaners provide experience Professional equipment E Cleaning plan for you Professional house cleaners offer a certain degree of professionalism that enables them to offer you the best services and equipment Most house cleaning professionals undergo extensive training to make sure they can use cleaning equipment and chemicals properly 03 Who Does More Chores at Home? 04 Number of People Hiring Home Cleaners 6 million people TTT 50% of women do the daily 47% of couples argue who housework, compared to only 20% of male employ domestic help. has to do the house cleaning 12 percent hire domestic help With almost a quarter of those who pay for domestic help saying they did so because they simply "didn't like doing domestic chores". Nearly a third said they did not have time to 2 complete the tasks themselves, rising to nearly half for those aged 18 to 32. 25% of men say they can't 63% of the respondents say that it takes them clean better than their mate, no matter what the task almost a week to do the Elderly people have a high percentage of hiring home cleaners annual spring cleaning 06 Things to Know About Cleaning Chemicals and Additives - Allergy UK Statistics 05 Number of Hours Males and Females Take for House Cleaning Female spend a staggering 12,896 hours 40% 5% during their lifetime tidying up and scrubbing the house 40% of the UK Allergy rates are increasing by 5% a year, with children particularly affected. population suffers from some sort of allergy. Men spend 6448 hours An average Brit spends 2-4 hours Cleaning Chemicals significantly increase the Cleaning Products likelihood of an allergy. cleaning a week Fragrances in may contain harmful compounds. Average Person Spends Between 07 Cleaning Statistics in the UK 2-4 hours cleaning a week 18% Of the nation is very hygienic and cleans the toilet seat every day 66% Of people cleaning 75% Of people clean their kitchen floors once a their kitchen work surfaces daily. week, 12,896 is the average number of hours 75% Of British people have never deep cleaned their carpet 66% 50% Clean the fridge at least over a lifetime spent Clean their work surfaces daily in cleaning once a month 08 Household Cleaning Products Sales in the United Kingdom This statistic shows the category share of value for household cleaning products sales in the United Kingdom (UK) for the 12 month period ending March 30, 2014. Shoe cleaners Insecticides Cleaning supplies, Paper disposals Air fresheners 9.2% 32.7% Dishwash • 10.4% 22.4% 10.6% Fabric detergents Fabric enhancers 12.6 % Household Cleaners D Dust To Shine We CleanSo You Don't Have To 3 0207 112 8172 O 00000 000 00OO 1.1%

Cleaning Services Infographic Dust To Shine

shared by Budgetinfographic on Mar 26
This infographic details domestic cleaning services. Covering from who does more cleaning around the home, how many hours men and women spend cleaning, the number of people hiring home cleaners, what ...


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