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Chess By The Numbers

CHESS BY THE NUMBERS Sources:,,,,,, Chess is the most popular game in the world with nearly 700 million players! Beginnings... The version that is accepted by most as the forefather of chess is the 6th century Indian game of Chaturanga Sanskrit for: "four divisions of military" Shannon Number In 1950, information theorist Claude Shannon calculated the number of possible moves* in chess to be 10120, which became known as the Shannon number. That's more than the total number of all atoms in the universe estimated between 4x 1079 and 1081, *excluding dark matter* Shortest Game The quickest possible checkmate is called the: Fool's Mate, or the two-move checkmate. Richard Wood G4 E6 3 3 F4 Н4 Lance Darling Longest Game Played by Ivan Nikolic and Goran Arsovic in Belgrade in 1989. They played for 20 hours and 15 minutes, ending in 269-move draw. 23 24 21 20 4 19 18 17 16 15 14 8. 96. 10 13 12 11 Youngest Player to beat a Grandmaster David Wei Ling Howell, an eight-year old from East Sussex became the youngest player to beat a Grandmaster. He defeated GM John Nunn, in 1999. The 2011 Chess World Cup will take place from 26 August - 21 September in Khanty Mansiysk, Russia. 2011 1STIIT IST 12846 from chess players countries will participate in the chess tournaments. Only two participants are female - the World Champion among women 2010 HouYifan (China) and player UditPolgar (Hungary). Participant Representation by Country Top 5's WORLD CUP Google play. learn. share. chess O Search Russia USA India Philippines China India Ukraine Canada Norway UK/ Great Britain USA Australia Cuba Philippines Singapore Playing Times BULLET 1 minute per player game which is less than 1 second per move! BLITZ 5 min per player per game QUICK 15 min per player per game, over-the-board (in person) tournament = each player gets up to 3.5 hours per game! Games can take more than 7 hours to finish! Average number of moves per game 39 (that means BOTH sides have moved 39 times). a b c d efgh Out of 1.2 million top-level games, we found that: e4 is the most popular 1st move a bcd white win vs. black win vs. draw WINS WHITE BLACK DRAW 38.4% 319% 38.4% Chess and Intelligence CHESS IS PART OF THE CURRICULA IN NEARLY 30 COUNTRIES IN VENEZUELA, ICELAND, RUSSIA AND OTHER COUNTRIES, CHESS IS A SUBJECT IN ALL PUBLIC SCHOOLS. THE DUTCH FOUND THAT KIDS WHO PLAY CHESS OVERALL DO 8% BETTER IN MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE COMPARED TO KIDS WHO DIDNT PLAY.- THE STATISTIC FOR GIRLS ALONE IS A DIFFERENCE OF 12%. Famous Chess Players - just a taste... the list is very long! ACTORS WOODY ALLEN BILL COSBY CHUCK NORRIS BARBARA STREISAND WILL SMITH MACAULAY CULKIN DAVID LETTERMAN ПСНЛЕL J FOX ZSA ZSA GABOR SPORTS FIGURES AKAREENA ABDUL-JABDAR BORRIS BECKER LARRY BIRD KOBE BRYANT MUSICIANS LUDWIGVA BONO DAVID BOWIE MADONNA DAVID LEE (ROTH) JOHN LENNON (MOBY (STING play. learn. share. HEHA

Chess By The Numbers

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Chess is the most popular game in the world - Find out what you don't know about it.







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