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Changing Electric Guitar Strings

How To Change Electric Guitar Strings Step 1 Fully loosen the tuning pegs on the top of your guitar. This will allow you to easıly remove the old stringS. You can also cut them off using Wire cutters. Step 2 If you did not use wire cutters, unthread all of the strings from the guitar head & bridge. Step 3 Your fretboard and whole guitar is probably so dirty it constitutes a biohazard. Give it a good clean with a guitar cleaning solution or (only slightly wet) Cotton cloth. Step 4 Thread the first string to be replaced through the bridge (or underside of guitar). Keep threading until the ball end locks in place. Step 5 Thread the string through the hole in the tuning peg & pull tight. Now estimate how much extra string is needed to create 2-3 rings around the peg when you begin to tighten it. For help with this estimation see below. Make this estimate from the point the string exits the peg and bend the string at 90° and slightly Outwards away from the guitar. Step 6 Push the bend you made in the string down to the top of the tuning peg so it rests against wojena it. Begin to tighten the string the correct direction (see low). To ensure the string neatly spirals downwards as it gets wound, place your flnger over the string being fed and push down slightly. Make sure the excess unwound string stays pointing upwards and away from the strings being wound. Step 7 Repeat the process for the other 5 strings. Neaten everything up by cutting the excess string off with wire cutters. Which Side of The Tuning Peg Does The String Go? Ibanez style guitar heads always go to the right hand side of the peg. For Les Paul style heads, the left 3 pegs have the string going down the right side. The right 3 pegs have the string going down the left side. How Much Slack Needs To Be Left For Each String? Unfortunately getting this right can be trial and error. Too little and the string may easily break. Too much and it not only looks messy from all the overlapping strings, but can make the string more prone to breakages too. However using the method above it can be much easier to measure the amount of slack you need. As a rule of thumb the thinner strings need more slack than the thicker ones. Use this rough guide to get a general idea. E 3.3 cm A 3.8 cm D 4.3 cm 5.3 cm В 5.8 cm 6.3 cm GuitarAC Musical Accessories & Equipmnent

Changing Electric Guitar Strings

shared by guitarac on Sep 08
A guide on how to change electric guitar strings. A method on how to get the right amount of slack so your guitar looks nice and neat. Aimed at beginner players.




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