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Careers with Great Work-Life Balance

Careers with Great ** WORK-LIFE BALANCE Workers struggling to balance their work and family obligations are increasingly choosing to work for employers that offer flexibility, and workers, in some cases, are leaving jobs that don't offer the flexibility or time off they need to address their family responsibilities. 9 in 10 Americans believe that employers should offer workers flexibility to meet their families' needs, so long as their work gets done. Over half of all workers feel that they could do their job better if they were allowed a more flexible schedule. INDICATORS OF WORK-LIFE BALANCE Finding a suitable balance between work and daily living is a challenge that all workers face. Here are six areas that job seekers consider when finding that right balance. 12 Hours per week Fun rating Average pay 04 Growth potential Flexibility Stress TOP JOBS FOR WORK LIFE BALANCE Data Scientist Social Media Personal Trainer SEO Lifeguard Specialist Manager Hollywood Stuntman Solutions Dental Hair Tour Guide Architect Hygienist Stylist BEST JOBS UNDER 40 WORKING HOURS PER WEEK Pilot Personal Trainer • Hours worked/year: 1,090 • Hours worked/week: 21 • Median ar Top annual income: $139,330 • Hours worked/year: 1,976 • Hours worked/week: 38 • Median annual income: $55,344 Top annual income: $128,000 ual income: 210 2. FUN RATING L. Hollywood Stuntman Video Game Tester • Salary upwards of $70k • Perform dangerous and exciting stunts while pretending to be famous actors/actresses • Get to be in movies • Flexible work • Salary up to $55k • Test new video games for bugs by playing them all day • No prerequisites other than a love of playing video games 13 BEST AVERAGE PAY Solutions Architect • Median salary $112,000 • Provides abilifty to telecommute • Get shot in the face with a Nerf dart while on the phone with clients • Talk to customers, listen to their feedback about products/services, and help design customized "solutions" to the problems they have. GROWTH POTENTIAL Mobile Applications Developer Personal Trainer • Job outlook through 2022- 13% • +33,500 jobs • Annual salary increase potential: 10.2% • $107,500 - $161,500 FLEXIBILITY Best telecommuting or remote job: Most flexible schedule (hrs determined by worker): SEO Specialist Consultant Best freelance job: Best part-time job: Best short-term or seasonal job: Graphic Designer Dental Hygienist Photographer 6. STRESS Least Stressful Job: Most Stressful Job: Hair Stylist Enlisted Military Personnel BEST WORK-LIFE BALANCE BY BACKGROUND The below three backgrounds should also be considered when discussing work-life balance. Working moms Business travelers Digital nomads BEST JOBS FOR WORKING MOMS Dental Hygienist Fitness Trainer Dental hygienists often work part- time hours, making it possible to still make the kids' soccer games and doctor's appointments. But it's this job's well-paying potential that makes moms smile. Stay in shape while helping others lose weight, in what the Bureau of Labor Statistics says is a fast- growing career. A flexible schedule and good pay potential make this an attractive job for motivated moms. BEST JOBS FOR BUSINESS TRAVELERS Like to travel? These jobs allow you to be a jet-setter and have a great quality of life. PASSPORT Travel Agent Traveling Nurse While the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a decline in this occupation over the next decade, it's still a rewarding job for anyone who loves to travel. Travel agents often visit popular destinations to get a first-hand experience of the resorts and restaurants they recommend. Traveling nurses move around the country from hospital to hospital, bouncing from one temporary position to the next. It's a great way to see the country (and world), and the pay and benefits are excellent. BEST JOBS FOR DIGITAL NOMADS Digital nomads are professionals who prefer a location-independent lifestyle that allows them to travel and work anywhere in the world. </> Wi Fi Web Designer SEO Specialist Careers with Great Work-Life Balance brought to you by: FITNESS FM MENTORS Sources: jobs-what-exactly-does-it-mean-to-be-a-solutions-architect-at-box/

Careers with Great Work-Life Balance

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