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Car Insurance After a DUI: Everything you Need to Know

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT CAR INSURANCE AFTER A DUI >>>> DUI By The Numbers An average drunk driver has driven drunk 80 times before their first arrest. A of drunk drivers are 21-25 23% years old 50-75% of convicted drunk drivers A Drunk driving costs the U.S. $199 billion a year. continue to drive on a suspended license. 2 of 3 people will be The More You Know: Standard Drink Sizes involved in a drunk driving accident during their lifetime. D15oz 5oz Đ’eer Wine Distilled Spirits The average person metabolizes alcohol at the rate of about one drink per hour. Insurance rates are guaranteed to rise after a DUI. Car Insurance After A DUI Insurance rates are determined on an individual basis, depending on the severity of circumstances. However, the average estimated increase is around $2,700. In most jurisdictions, convicted drunk drivers must apply for SR-22 insurance in order to recover their driving privileges once the license suspension has ended. SR-22 not required Delaware, Kentucky, Minnesota, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania do not require SR-22 filing. SR-22 required Will It Always Be On My Record? Someone else pulled over in your car? The requirement for an SR-22 filing may be three years. However, you are not completely protected from higher insurance rates after the SR-22 is no longer required, because a DUl will still appear on your record. If a friend is pulled over for DUI in your car, it will not affect your insurance. A household resident's poor driving record will affect the rates on the insurance policy. If a minor is convicted of a DUI the insurance rates of the parents may increase. SR-22 Insurance SR-22 insurance is a court ordered document proving minimum liability coverage for insured drivers who have been convicted of various traffic offenses. Major insurers may refuse to insure a convicted DUI offender and may non-renew coverage. If the driver switches insurers, it must be refiled. If the driver moves to another state, he or she must fulfill the SR-22 requirement of the former state, even though he or she no longer resides there. If a policy is cancelled or lapses, the insurer must inform state authorities, which may lead to loss of driving privileges. Most states require SR-22 insurance to be filed for 3 years. If the driver remains violation-free within the filing period, they will no longer be required to file an SR-22. Resources ACTIVE nce Agency

Car Insurance After a DUI: Everything you Need to Know

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Things you need to know after getting a DUI. It breaks down the steps to get your life back to normal. It focuses on car insurance and legal matters.



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